Somebody Please Tell Me what happened

Fiona Hope Winters has woken up in the hospital with scars all along her arms...and no memeroy of her past. She only remembers her past in short painful episodes...and even those are rare because the memories are only triggered by familiar things. But then, she begins to see things...things that haven't happened yet and she can't tell anyone 'cause it would make her cease to exist. Hope (she can't stand the name Fiona for some reason) trys to make sure no one gets hurt because of her and her visions but.....what if the price saving her friends is her own life?


1. Hospital

I awoke in a pure white room not knowing my name or my age. I heard a faint beeping noise and looked to my left and saw a heart moniter. I slowly sat up even though every bone in my body was screaming in protest. I froze when I saw the undersides of my wrists, long and jagged scars that looked like X's streched from the heel of my hand to the inside of my elbow. The first thought that I had when I saw the scars was-what the hell did I do? "Oh, good you're awake." said a man in a white lab coat as he walked through the door off to my right. "W-where am I?" I asked surprised by the sound of my own voice. "Avalonia town Hospital, ICU." said the man. "What happened?" I asked feeling panicked. "Hope, you don't remember anything?" he asked as he began to check my IV's and heart moniter. "No, I don't even know your name." I replied becoming even more puzzeled. "I'm Dr. Wench." he answered. "Do you know what happened to me?" I asked mor forcefully. "Hope before you blacked out we explained to you what happened and then you went into shock which is probably why you have amnesia." explained Dr. Wench. "We?" I asked getting even more frustrated. "Yes, this is them." said Dr. Wench as he opened the door. Three boys walked in, as soon as the first one stepped in a dull pain begain to form in my head. When the last boy walked through the door the dull pain turned into searing pain, I gasped as darkness started to swirl around me and I fell back on to the hospital bed and suddenly I was no where. When I opened my eyes I seemed to be a spirit in a memory......

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