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A new world is made, old Gods and Goddess made it alive. They create everything necessary to life. Watch and listen to the story of true life, love and hope


2. Prologe(Part Two);A hint

It was a dark stormy night when the two babies were born. The mother, music, sighed and looks at the grey haired and green eyed boy, then her mate, lightning. "I shall name him Maximus." He nodded. She looked at the black hair and eyed baby. "He shall be Draygon, for the lost dragons." Lightning nodded and left to tell his father Time. The people cheered. They knew not what would happen.

But Future did, he was a man who could see different futures, and what he saw disturbed him. He told Time, who ordered for both boys deaths. Lightning defied him and so did Space. Space was Times mate, he had to bow to her.

A day later they returned to their home. The realm of HiyLands is where everyone lived. This realm is dangerous to humans, but they can and did live there. To the gods who lived here it was home. Their is a city just for the Gods and Goddess. It is a huge city with large buildings for each Deity. The humans worship them because they made the world.

These gods are many and all powerful. There are 70 gods, maybe more; they are worshiped by the Truth Seers. There is a band of people who are the Lie Seekers.

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