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A new world is made, old Gods and Goddess made it alive. They create everything necessary to life. Watch and listen to the story of true life, love and hope


4. Chapter Two;Temples

Time waches the man walk away. "We need a place to live, but it will take them a long time to build temples, why don't we make our own homes?" Space nods and askes "Ok, but where and how will we organize, we only have half a day left."

Time thinks for a moment and says "Here is good. We can do it in a U shape or a semi-circle. All of the temples will be the same except for our marking on the out side of it over the opening. The first room humans walk into will be an ofering room with a alter and colums. We can make it how ever we want it." he walks over to the edge of the forest. "Here can be the large temple for celebrations where the humans will celbrate once a year and make one large ofering to us." He starts to move and gesture speaking a strange language (what today we call Latin). Slowly the ground begins to rumble and shift, and even slower a large stone building rises from the ground.

The large open mouthed castle was a yellow, off white, color and had a large foyer. The seven steps lead up to a smooth floor with a large symbol on it. The colums in the alter room were next to and infront of the alter, if need be they could chain someone to them for multible reasons. Their was a lot of room and many alcoves in the walls where offerings and statues could be placed. The alter was a dark, large stone that was cold no matter what you put on it.

As they looked in-side to see what else Time had made the humans came running. Noir asked "What has happened?" Azure was staring past them at the temple. Time smiled and jumped up the steps. The humans wached him walk inside, finaly Space told them "Time has erected the large temple you shall use on feast and celebration days. You will offer things to us. We will all make our own temples for regular days, this used as a gattering place and for examples. If someone gose agenst wat you say. You strap them between the colums here and torchure them and leave them their, we will do as we will." Noir nodded, he looked pleased at the idea. Azure was already inside with some of the braver humans.

Time was explaning how offerings were to be made. He had his hand on her lower back and she looked at him with want in her eyes. Space did not care, she and Time had had a falling out not to long ago.


Space went to the right of the large temple and thought about what she wanted in her temple and began to sing in Latin. Faster than Time's rising of the temple her place rose from the ground. It was just as large as the center temple and had her symbol of a a spiral was above the door, with the words "Space gose father than life." were in latin (tractus goes abbas quam vita). Her alter space was dark and light because of the window spacing and a scuplture of her erection the temple was standing off to the right. She smiled and walked to the alter, it was the same stone of the alter in the Center Temple(CT). The two colums stood in the same place, ingraved on them were the words "Strength(robur)" and "Weakness(fragilitas)".


She ran her hands over the words on their respective colums and turned when suddenly a man said from the doorway "You have power greater then Time, why do you bow to him?"


It was Noir. "Because he was created before I was. Why are you here?" Noir smiled and walked forward, he toughed the Strength piller "Because you have a great power and need someone to stand by you. I can do that." he smiled and walked to her. he rubbed her shoulders. "Maybe, but you have Azure." The ground rumbled, signaling more temples. He shook his head and kissed the back of her neck "I have no one, she is just a leader. She wishes to be Time's human consort. I wish to be yours." he wispered in her ear. She turned as he raped his arms around her. She looked up at him and smiled "Maybe for a night." He kissed her passionitly. She moaned and kissed back. He pulled away and played with her hair "When was the last time you and Time where together?" She shruged and pulled from his arms, leading him toward closed doors that lead to her rooms in back "I don't know, now come and plesure me." Noir came to comply.


Time walked out of the CT only to see Noir walking into Spaces Temple. He growled and walked over to where his temple would be. His temple rose from the ground and above the door was a hourglass with the words "Everyone's time must run out (everyones tempus debet excurrere)" engraved below it. His alter space was gold and balck. The alter was just like the one in the CT. His symbol was engraved onto the smooth floor. The colums were a dark stone, engraved upon them were "Lies(iacet)" and "Truth(veritas)" He smiles at this, his whole life was made of lies. Azure walks up to him and askes "Is this your place of worship?" She runs her hands down his arms and chest to his abdomin. Then lower. She cups him gentaly. He growls and askes "What do you want?" She licks his ear and says "I want to get on my knees and show you that I worship you fully." He steps away from her and leads her to the back, to his chambers




Knowledge stands next to Death and waches as the inner battles wadge. She turns to Death and says quietly "We will soon have a war within our ranks, wont we?" Death shakes his head and says just as quietly "I can see when a Death is coming, and all I see are the deaths of the humans in a few years." He walks over to where the other gods and goddess are standing "Listen people, this a battle, whichever side you choose siymbolises who's side you are on. So choose carefully. If not, you will not survive long."


He walks over to Space's side and says some words, his Temple rises from the ground. All of the temples look alike except for the sayings and symbols above the doors. Knowledge stands next to him and rises her own home. Death's symbol is a grim with a scyth. Under it the words "Are you ready for me? (Sunt paratum te pro me?)" Are wrriten. Knowledge's symbol is a sword crossed over a book. The words "Knowing more than one's enemy is part of the war (Hostis gnarus quam partem belli)" were written below it. Death's colums had the words "Life (vita)" and "Death (mors)". Knowledge had "Know (scire)" and "Unknown (ignotum)" engraved on the colums.


Slowly the Gods and Goddess split themselves apart. Only four gods went to Time. Metal, Fire, Idea, Love and Mercy. Space, on the other hand, had twelve gods on her side. Element, Lightning, Season, Sky, Clouds, Sun, Moon, Land, Air, Death, Pain, Suffering, Lust, Knowledge. If their was a civil war Space would win, for she had more fallows and more followers means more power. Slowly temples rose from the ground. Space walked from her temple happily and saw that more people were on her side and the happiness vanished. "Non!' (no)She yelled as the last temple rose. Death turned to her and asked "Cur nemo? Quid accidit?" (Why no? What happened?) She looked to him and answered "Quia tempus non est: et interficient me, et tu ipse velim hoc mihi videor ducem."(No because Time will kill me, he will believe I did this and you wish for me to be the ruler) Death gave her a odd look, asking "Tu regere non vis?" (You don't want to rule us?) Shaking her head she ran outside and stared at the line of 12 that were on her side. "Immo nolim nisl. Habeo propositum. Tempus et cessabit adiutorium ipsi facere non potest, ego elegit suo."(No, No, I don't want leadership. I have purpose. I calm Time and help him make choses he can't on his own.)


Death was bewildered by her chose not to lead. He shrugged and said "Ok, fine, whatever. Don't lead. We need a place for our Horses." Space shrugged in return and walked over to a open space. Saying "Ut surgeret de terra: equi nos recepti, nobis umbra, liberabit nos. Et mansionem pro Pegasus"(rise from the ground, give us shelter for Pegasus, give us shelter, keep us safe. Make a home for Pegasus) And making he gestures a long stable rose from the Earth. Death walked over "Pegasus?" Space nodded and whistled.


A horse came from the trees. A herd fallowed. "Choose your steed my people." She called to the gods surrounding her. Taking the lead Mare she called forth a bird, a Eagle. She plucked two feathers from the bids back. "Thank you for your help." The eagle took off again. He dropped two more feathers. Death handed them to Space. Taking the two she already had she put them on the shoulders of the hose. She ran her hands down them a few times until they began to grow and spred outward. The mare whinnied and shook her wings. A stallion strode forward and sniffed at the wings. He turned to Space and bowed, showing is shoulders. She did the same to him and his wings were great Ebony. The mares wings were chestnut. Both Pegasus's bowed and Space said "Let all your children bear your wings so they may carry the gods of the world."


Every God and Goddess around her are shocked by her actions. "They are the true Pegasus's and will be the first. I can make more but it will be difficult. Only I can create them." No one steps forward, the horses walk toward them and sniff the wings and then bow to Space. Two Eagles fly over head and land. They look at Space. She takes feathers from each Eagle, who then leaves dropping more. Gods and Goddess try to grab the feathers as they fall. Space slowly moves through the horses, making them Pegasus. Each wing pare is different colors. After I finish the Gods and Goddess lead their horses to their stalls. I take the first two Pegasus as my own, Death gets the last two. Both has black wings and one is dapple grey and the other a true black. One is female, the other is male. We all got one male and one female. My mare is full white, wings and body with red stocks. My stallion is a black-chestnut mix. His wings are a glossy blue-black.


Death walks over to her, his Pegasus fallowing. "Thank you." Space smiles and says "You gave me the idea for them. The Mortals can have the horses. We need more exotic things than mere mortals."


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