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A new world is made, old Gods and Goddess made it alive. They create everything necessary to life. Watch and listen to the story of true life, love and hope


5. Chapter Three; Creations and Lovers

Time walks from his temple with Azure trailing after him. She walks over to Noir and asks "How was it?"

Noir says "I had fun, she makes a lot of noise, you?"

"Eh, he was controlling and such but not to bad. He likes it fast. Come, I'll show you." Azure leads Noir into the trees and disappears.


Time walks over to Space and Death, "What is this?" He gestures to the Pegasus. Space tells him "Well, Death wanted something we, Gods, could ride on or with. I made them. I am the only one who can. I made plenty of them, their should be some extras around here some where." She looks around and two Pegasus walk from the trees. Time goes over to them but they take off away from him. Death and Space laugh.

Death looks at his Male Pegasus and frowns. He waves a hand and a black saddle appears on his back along with a black bridle on his head. The surprised Pegasus shakes his head and paws the ground. "Shh, good boy." Death strokes his nose, calming the creature.

Time glares at Death and stalks away angrily.

Space looks at Death. "Well then. How about a race?"

Death nods "Ok, my black stallion vs. your mare. She looks feisty, like you." He smiles and leads his mare to a stall in the back of the stable. My stallion and me fallow him. Death says "They need names. Charon, my stallion." He strokes the winged male. Then turns to the female in the stall. "Proserpine, my little princess. We will call you Pine for short." He pets her.

Space looks at her stallion. "Sirius, star, my boy. Now, the girl." She turns to the full white Pegasus. "Dawn, when my stars and darkness are taken by the morning light." Death watches her. "Perhaps we should bred them? My stallion, Charon and your Dawn, and your Sirius with my Pine?" Space looks at him, leans close and whispers "I rather we breed but ok." She steps away and puts Sirius in with Pine. Then she takes the next stall down and puts a sign above the door. Her sign.

"Well,, how about that race?" Death sounds flustered as he sets up the stalls for the horses. "Yep, we'll race, but lets get them settled." Everyone else had already finished, well, beside Time who was still trying to catch his Pegasus.

They were leaving with Dawn and Charon when Time walked in...with one Pegasus. It was a ugly one. Brow wings, grey body, blue eyes, and a short main and tail. Death snickered and Space shushed him. "Meet me later, Time, I will help you relax." Space told her husband.

Once outside Death and Space mounted up. The Pegasus's shook their wings and stretched a bit and with some probing from the gods they took off. "Once around the temples and then to the mountain and back is the winner." Space nodded agreement and shot off. Death shook his head and fallowed, but slower. Save it for the home stretch.

Space won.

She landed in the center of the temples and looked for Death who flew in a few minuets later. She smiled at him, he glared at her. "Well, I won, what is my prize?" Death laughs and says "How about a kiss from Death?" Space walks closer "Ok. A kiss from Death will be the prize when ever I win something, and you get a Kiss from Space if you win?" He nods and they shake. Then Death kisses her.

As you would say, sparks flew, only it was more powerful. More like a star exploding, it was the kiss of two lovers, of soul mates finding one another. Space used her power to tella-port them to her privet chambers, where they started to ripe each other clothes off.

He kisses her and she kiss him back. He trails his hands over her body, letting them explore her as he kisses her neck and moves southward. She gasps as his hands graze the center of her body, then she giggles. Lifting his head he asks "What is so funny?"

She runs her hands through his hair and says "I was just thinking I want you to enter my center temple." He laughs and dose as she wishes.

----About an hour later----

Space runs her hand over Deaths chest. "Mm, keep doing that and I will never leave." Space smiles at his murmur. Her head was resting on his shoulder and his arm was wrapped around her. Sighing softly Space snuggled closer to Death. He growled softly and Space laughed, seeing his.....happiness. "So soon? Wow, you are powerful."

"Ok corse, Death is not my only.......symbol, I am also the god of....sexual encounters." He sounded indignant. "Oh, did I hurt your ego? Need a kiss to make it better?" Space asked as she rolled over so she startled his hips. He nodded and she rained kisses down his mid-section to his lower abdomen.

"WHAT IS THIS!!!??????" Time bellowed

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