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A new world is made, old Gods and Goddess made it alive. They create everything necessary to life. Watch and listen to the story of true life, love and hope


9. Chapter Seven; Generatons

-Millennia Later-

The Humans rebelled against the gods. This led to the split of the Dimensions. The First, The Second and The Third.Humans are in The First. They are In The Second. They became a democracy, and now they come together every Full Moon to speak to one another because they have moved away from their temples in the Second Dimension.  Many more Gods and Goddess have been born. When the other Gods finally got Time to become a figure head/tie breaker Lightning and Thunder stepped forward and took their places as Gods. Lightning has changed many things.

During the stone age they walked among us and we had no idea, but they left when we began to gain technology. We were becoming to smart, to knowing...........

They went home and dispersed and had children and ruled their Dimension. And they watched the human realm. Whenever a human came close to knowing what had happened they changed it.



-Not To Long Ago (About 100 Years)-

Lightning slammed his fist on the table. "Time! We must integrate again and learn about humans. We do not know everything, we know what we need but not how to act! We should again make trips to the human realm!"

"NO! The humans made a promise and refused to keep it. We will never go in with them again, they have fought us to many times. When we try to defeat them they rise up and use Hope to beat us back." He glared at Hope and spat her name.

Space looked at them all, around the large table, and said "I say we integrate again. We need it. Time, we have won, humans shall know us again." Everyone sighed, this was why they had chosen Space to be the other tiebreaker. She understood and made the correct choses, or so they all thought.

Thunder stood and boomed "Humans will know us and we shall know more!" They all clapped and left the room slowly.

-Not To Long Ago )About 10 years)-

They did not truly start to return to us until about 10 years ago when they had talked and planed more. Lightning was the first one to really start the movement. He watched the First Dimension for a while and then created what he needed, a name, money, a place to live, a license, and so on.

He began slowly, starting at night and clubs and they day or a night then a whole 24 hours then days or weeks at a time. Slowly the other Gods began to explore the world. While in New York he met another Goddess, one who did not know about She knew her powers but not all of them. Lightning showed her the Second Dimension and how to use her powers. She Was Music. Lightning fell in Love with her.

In The Second Dimension they were mated and in the First they were married. They had two children......

The storm came suddenly, rain poured down off the eves as Music panted and Lightning held her hand. She was giving life to her sons. Maximus and Draygon. The other Gods gathered around in corporeal form except for Space who was their in her First Dimension form. She was standing off to the side while the midwife delivered the boys. The grey haired and green eyed boy was first in her arms. "Maximus." She whispered and then the dark haired and dark eyed boy was handed her. He had black hair and silver eyes, they swirled and shifted. "Draygon for the lost dragons." She told the boy. Maximus smiled and giggled. Draygon frowned and blinked.

The gods cheered and disappeared. But for Future. He saw a vision that disturbed him. The same one Time saw before his 'children' were born. A future of death and sadness. But he knew who the crowned maniac was. It was the little boy. Draygon. Future left and flashed himself to Time. He told him of his vision.


He flashed to the room.


Lightning and Space stepped forward.

The Three Fates flashed to the room.

Space stared, she had not seen them since they prophesied Lightning's power.

They spoke together.

"We are The Fates. Clotho, the spinner, who spins the thread of life. Lachesis, the measurer, who choses the lot in life one will have and measures off how long it is to be. Atropos, she who cannot be turned, who at death with her shears cuts the thread of life. Space knows us.

"We spoke of her son, the prophecy has commenced and another must be said."

They spoke together and stared at Time. Lachesis walks over to Maximus and places a kiss on his forehead when they finish.

"All will die, but for the one who has the kiss of immortality. He will love what must be lost. He will save what must be found. He will protect all but kill all. The Dragon will fight to be they killer. The greatest will kill to be the saver. Do not fight destiny, for it speaks to and for all."

They disappeared in a flash.

Time looked around.

"Let them live. Fate has spoken. Teach them well, Lightning." He flashes out.

Lightning looks down at his son's and mutter "Draco cum in pugna occidit. Maximum occidam esse saver."


-The Here And Now-


Now, Maximus walks the streets of a small town in the middle east, and Draygon has disappeared, again.


Dray often disappears from their home in the small ton but never for so long. Music came by recently and told Max to move to a big city. He is thinking about New York or San Francisco.

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