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A new world is made, old Gods and Goddess made it alive. They create everything necessary to life. Watch and listen to the story of true life, love and hope


3. Chapter One;The Begning

The world was no more than a experiment by the Gods above us. The looked down and say it, a ball of molten meadle. The first five Gods were Time, Space, Element, Season, and Lighting. For some reason Element and Season Haded each other, but they fell in love while making the world. They worked together to make the Sky and Clouds. Time and Space created the land and water. Lighting gave them Ideas for the world entiraly.

Whan they finished they gathered near The Capital, Kingdream, and meet other Gods. Sky, Cloud, Land, Water, Fire, Meadle, Air, Idea, Life, Sun, and Moon. They called themselves The Origanl. When Time saw these Horses he began to attack them, but his mate, Space stoped him. She asked "Who are you?"

Idea came forward and told them "You made us.I am Idea. They are Sky, Cloud, Land, Water, Fire, Meadle, Air, Life, Sun, and Moon." He nodded to each horse when he said their name.

Time steped forward "Do you know what inhabits the Land?" Idea shook his head no. "We have never seen it before." Time nodded and asked "Do you have mates and maches yet?" Idea looked around. No one steps forward "I guess not."

Time looked at them, "This world is empty. I say we make things, Idea? Any Clues?" Idea nodded and said "Humans. Simple minded two legged beaings. They will worship us." He says with a faraway look in his eye. Time nods and askes "How do we create Humans?" Idea Shifts suddenly to look like one. He has black hair and dark green eyes. He is dressed in loose brown paints without a shirt on. "Shift and I will explain it." He said, slowly everyone figured out how to shift to a human. He walked over to Time. "May I?" He asked. Time nodded.

Idea reached out and touched Time's chest. He then put his hand into Time's chest. He pulled out a rib and told them "We can not do it to ourselves, and men will make men and women will make women." He streached the rib, and as it elonggated it also grew arms and legs. Musels bulged on the arms and abdomen. It grew toes and fingers. "Thumbs are important so it can grab things." After it had finished growing he reached down and grabed a rock. Leaving the body to stand alone to shkaped the rock and gave it features, like a nose, mouth, ears and eyes. The eyes were a brilint blue. He tsked and changed the color to hazel. "You will have to change the colors and shapes to fit what you want. Go, Take a friends rib, it will grow back."

They all went to someone they knew and took a rib. They took them and made humans. They made them Black and White and every color inbetween. Then Time asked "How about we give them animals?" They all thought about it and nodded. The humans had wandered off and were talking.

Idea came forward, "Take any material and picture the animal. Make it anything you want." Idea picks up some sand and throws it in the air, the sand changes to birds. Sky gose over to a huge stone and slowly changes it so it becomes a large silvery dragon. It spreads it's wings and shakes them out. It looks at her and she smiles. Sky walks over to smaller rockes and changes them into eggs. The silver dragon sniffs them and looks at Sky. Sky noddes and the dragon raps her body around them to warm them.

Idea smiled "nice" He gose to a bush and moves it a little bit and out runs a red fox. Time makes a horse, in his image. Soon the area is over run by animals. Tigers, Lions and Bears.(oh my!) The feild was soon over run with animals. But, the humans were afraid of these strage beings, so when Idea and Time spread them over the World the Humans fell at their feet and thanked them for their murcey. The leaders, two humans, Azure and Noir, came forth and asked "We are forever greatful for your kindness and murcey, what can we do in return?" Time, Space and Idea confered quietly but Lightning intergected "I feel more powerful with them saying these things, my power is stronger than ever and I think it them. The faith and worship gives us power, why not just ask for them to build us monuments and to never forget our kindness or we will rain pain and death among them?" Time, the leader, nodded "Yes, my son, we will do as you say" He clapped him on the shoulder and walked over to Noir and Azure. He told them "All we want is for you to build monuments to use and always rember our kindness," He stood taller and used his most terrifing voice "or we will rain apone you a pain and sufering so great you will beg for mercey that isn't their." Noir and Azure bowed and promised "We will never forget the mercey you have given us, we will built temples to your greatness, you may live their and we will select people to serve you." They bowed agein and returned to their band of humans.

Time turned to look at his band of misfits, together they would keep the univers together.....He suddenly was nolonger looking at them he saw a future....a scary one...

A man looks out accross the battle feild and smiles cruely. He turns and askes 'See father? Am I still a disapotment?' He looked over the feild of death and blood. He shifted and walked forward to the center of the battle feild where a throne sat. He stroked the bones that made the chair. He looked direactly into the eyes of his father and sat down laughing like a maniac. He look skyward and asked 'AM I A DISAPONTMENT NOW?' The sky had now anwser for she was bloodred and dead like the rest of them, only pain, suffer and death had survived the massicer. A grim steped forward 'Master, they are all dead. We have taken their power and captured it.' He looked over at Grim "Bring it to me, and bring my wife-to-be' Grim scarmbled to do as he was told. Agein the evil king laughed as his wife-to-be was brought forth 'Why?' She asked with a gasp of pain 'Because I-'

The vision was cut off and Time shook his head. "What is it?" Space asked at the look on his face "I have seen a futuer, and no mercey was given to us." Lightning gasp and said "Look, their" He pointed to where five horses walk toward them with purpose, as they neered they changed to human form.


 One bowed and said "I am Death." Time gasp sigently "I travel with Pain, Suffering, Power, and Mercey." Time was shocked at what her heard. "Welcome, how were you made?" He asked the newcomers. Death gave him a look "By you." He said it as it Time were an idiot.

"But, how?" Time askes. He is indgnant.

"Well. By making life you made death. Pain and suffering come with me, because we suffer in silence when we die, but pain brings them into my waiting embrace. Mercy because you kept the humans alive. And Power came tobe because you have the power over the humans." Death bowed slightly to Time. He walked over to him and riped a rib from his chest. Time gasp and grabed his chest. Death make a Human.

He made him tall, muscular, dark skined with short black hair, he has one blue eye and one green eye. Death took his head in his hands "I give you knowledge." Out from the trees walked a female horse who shifted to human. She sauntered into the clearing in boots and tight leggings, she had a sword straped to one hip and to the other a sheif of papper. "I am Knowledge. I know all and nothing will never be seen by me." She smiled and walked over to Death. "Thank you for breathing life into me." She kisses him. Another horse walked out of the woods. Time rolled his eyes "Now who?" The horse shifted into a beautyful woman with many curves and a tight dress "I am Lust, my sister Love has yet to be found." She looked at Death and Knowledge and smirks "See, my power has allready taken the heart and mind of some, humans do not yet know of my power."

Death looked at Lust and almost started to drool, but Knowledge slaped him. He turned his attention back to his Human male. He fidgets with him a bit and desides he is fine. He says to him "Go help the humans and return at the end of the day." The man nods and walks off.




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