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A new world is made, old Gods and Goddess made it alive. They create everything necessary to life. Watch and listen to the story of true life, love and hope


6. Chapter Four; Children and Time

Space rolled over and made no move to cover herself. "This is me having sex with Death. What did you think it was?" Death stood and covered himself. "I think I will leave you two to well.....bye Space. Bye, Majesty." He ran from the room. Death was afraid of Death.

Time glowered at Space. "You little whore, are you going to sell yourself to every man out their?" Standing Space strode toward Time. "I was not selling myself, and don't you think that is stupid, you can have sex with a human but I can't have sex with anyone but you?" Time shook his head. "No you can not. You are mine."

Space became furious and her powers swirled around the pair. Her eyes glowed and her hair was whipped around by a fierce wind. "I AM OWNED BY NO MAN, NOR GOD. I AM THE GODDESS WHO BEGAN IT ALL. I AM THE CREATOR. I AM MY OWN. I OWN IT ALL." Using her powers she made Time bow to her. She leaned close and whispered "I own you. You are not allowed in my personal chambers, ever." She flashed him out and onto he street.

"I am owned by no one." She whispered and sat on her bed.

Suddenly she felt sick, and a stirring in her stomach alarmed her.

Relaxing she studied the Rope Of Time. A power she stole from Time long ago. A line split from a short while......meaning......she was......with......child........Death's Child. Jumping up and covering herself she ran from her chambers and out of her temple, passed the people still exploring. Suddenly she stopped. Looking at The Rope she saw that a female here was intertwined tightly with her...."YOU!" She yelled and pointed to a dark haired, greened eyed female. The female timidly came over. "Yes, Goddess?"

"What is your name, woman?"

"I have no name yet, we are still learning. What do you wish of me?" She was cowering and looking away.

"Look upon me. You will be called Traulle. Lull for short. You will be my Servi deducet, or my Lead Servant. Go and learn your way around my rooms, and find me more maids." She ran from the room to do as her goddess asked.

Space walked swiftly over to Death's temple, and into he back. To his privet chambers. "Death!" She yelled.

he came from his room, but she breezed past him. "What do you need Space?" He shut the door carefully. Taking a deep breath Space sat in a chair. "Death. I am going to have your child." He stared at her then started laughing sacredly. "No, it is no a joke. I got dizzy then looked at The Rope Of Time, a strand breaks off from mine not to far away, and you are the only one I have been with recently. It will be your son."

He dropped to the floor. "No." She nods. "Yes, your son." Shaking his head Death looked away and said "No, I-I-I don't want children."

"I will say it is Times but he will grow suspicious unless I am with him. I need you to yell and throw me out. Be mean, so I can run to Time." Death growled and stood. "I would never do this if it wasn't for the fact that the world is still new and we don't need a civil war." He flashed her out and slammed a door. He could not bring himself to yell at the goddess baring his child.

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