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A new world is made, old Gods and Goddess made it alive. They create everything necessary to life. Watch and listen to the story of true life, love and hope


7. Chapter Five; Hate and Love (Time's Happieness)

Space forced herself to cry. She ran from the temple and to Time's place. Time was watching the shadows dance around his temple. "What, bitch?" He asked. She came up behind him. Rubbing his shoulders she said "Death no longer wishes to be with me, and I am still ready for someone to fill me." Time looked over his shoulder at her. He growled low at her. Then he roughly grabbed her. Shutting her eyes tight she thought of Death, sadly, humans are not the only ones that have secret love in the shadows.

She just total shuts down while he pleases himself with her body, she can no longer stand him. He disgusts her. Final, he stops. Sighing he backs away from her and sits down again. She stands. She pretends to flinch slightly and looks at the Rope. "Time." She gasps.

"What, woman?" He asks. "I-I am pregnant, with your child." He looks at The Rope and swears. He stands and slaps her. "You Bitch, get out and don't return until the child is born."

Space leaves quickly. Her poor children. Their father will never love them, and Time will only kill them. Heading to her privet chambers in her temple she runs into the lady she singled out before. "Goddess, are you ok?" Shaking her head she ran into her bedroom. "No, I am not ok. Death and I can never be together, and Time will kill my babies."

The women approached slowly. "Goddess, may I speak freely?"

"Yes, of course, Lull." She bowed to Space and said quietly. "Why not give birth but hide the children, and give Time a stone as his children."

Space sat up quickly. "Yes, Lull, you are brilliant. My boys will age much faster than humans so they will have to be hidden most carefully." Thinking to herself she snapped her fingers. "Lull, get Death to come here, while no one is awake. I must speak with him." Lull nodded and backed from the room.

Space ran her hands over her stomach, which had already began to grow. Two sons. Lightning and Thunder. Her boys.


A while later, Space was sitting by her fire place, Death entered her chambers in a dark cloak. Lull fallowed him and silently started to make tea. "You wished to see me?" Death kept his cloak up, Space stood. In the dress she was wearing her distended stomach was clearly visible. Death gasp. "The children of the gods grow quickly. To boys. Time wants to see them when they are born, he will kill them. I need a place to hide them. Death, they are yours, you need to hide them."

He moved over to a seat and sat, pulling is hood off his head he sighed. "Space, if Time were to know...."

"But he wont! Please, I would never let my children die. More than half of the females are pregnant already. Their children will not be born for nine more months. Please, take them." She kneeled at his feet and begged him.

His not heartless, but earlier Time had visited him and whipped him. Only Space can escape his wrath. Not even Times children would be safe......but they are not Time's, they are Death's. He pulls Space to her feet. "Ok, shush, women, I will take the children. I will make them my valets. But only in public, in private they will be treated with respect and will be taught. I will tell my priests they were sacrifices." He pulls his hood up and leaves in a whoosh of wind.

Dropping into his vacated chair Space begins to cry. "Goddess, your boys will be fine, perhaps you could keep one?"

"No, Lull, that would show favoritism. I just wish I could keep them both. My poor boys. I hope Death tells them I am their mother."

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