Fighting It's Way Out

Kicking. Screaming. Clawing. Growling. Yelling. Destroying.

Something's happening...Who am I?...Why am I here?...What is my purpose?.
Why do I exist?

Am I just mad?
I can't handle it anymore.


2. Monday Morning

I jolt awake, my dark hair whips across my face.
I had the dream again, The Nightmare.

I wipe my forehead and slip out of bed, I never needed an alarm because the everlasting torment of The Nightmare would always wake me at 6am, giving me time to recover and to get ready for my escape to school. At school I can forget The Nightmare and put on a smile for a while with my friends. I'm surprised I have friends. Being the strange person I am.

Mum and Dad aren't up yet luckily, they're up from dawn til dusk arguing and fighting, though i've never seen it get physical, I do worry sometimes. I don't see how they're still together, but I guess, it's only a matter of time..

I walk into the dirty bathroom and splash my face with water and I swear, as I lift my head I see movement behind me. I try to calm myself. No one could possibly be there. My mind retorts, making the assumption that it may not be 'someone' but 'some-thing'. 'Not again' I think to myself, trying to make myself feel better ' There's nothing there, it's just your demented imagination, silly girl'. 

Now i'm dressed, ready to leave, 7:00am, I apply some eyeliner carefully in the mirror trying not to smudge it, my hands were still slightly shaken from my constant paranoia of something watching me, waiting.

I sit in the living room, Eloise, Danni and Lauren would come knocking on the door anytime soon. Suddenly there's a shout from upstairs. They're arguing again, what could they argue about this time in the morning?

Just in time I hear a polite knock on the door 'right on time' I think to myself.


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