Fighting It's Way Out

Kicking. Screaming. Clawing. Growling. Yelling. Destroying.

Something's happening...Who am I?...Why am I here?...What is my purpose?.
Why do I exist?

Am I just mad?
I can't handle it anymore.


1. At first...

At first, in the begining.
The world is turning and my feet are firmly on the ground.
I know who I am, What I want to be.
Everything is fine.
No confusion, I am normal.
I have family, I have friends, I have a warm house.
I am smart, I am creative.
At first, in the begining.

Now I am running, for a reason I do not know,
Maybe I'm running from someone or maybe I'm running from myself or what I may become.
It's creeping up on me, I can hear it's whispers tickling my ears like the fierce buzzing of a bee.
I feel its hot breath on my neck and I feel its devilish claws digging into my shoulders.
It's just a dream right?
Let it be a dream
Please, just let it be a dream.
It has to be...
I turn around.
Then there are only screams.

I wake up.

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