Emerald Isle

When Grace, a country girl in her home village, meets Sean and Liam, her and her best friend Anna's lives get turned upside down. They have some good times, but sometimes the future doesn't look too sunny. With fame, escape and adventure their lives aren't 'normal'


2. Worried - Anna

I am worried about Grace, the only reason I set her up with my friend from university was beacuse there was a chance she wouldn't be alone. She doesn't take care of herself, I clean her cottage every week for her and she spends all her time with her horses, or ponies, as she says I should be calling them.

I've known her since we were little and I can't remember life without her.

I phoned Liam to check everything was ok for tonight, they would be meeting in the coffee shop that I work in but neither of them have a problem with that since I don't have a shift.

I called Grace and waited for her to pick up. She should be thinking about getting dressed by now.

"What's up Anna?"

"What are you wearing?"

"Red dress, red heels."

"Good choice, gotta go now!"

"So you just phoned to check that?"

"Yep!" I called and then hung up on her. Then I realised I forgot about her bag. "Grace?"

"Black bag!" She laughed and then ended the call.

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