Emerald Isle

When Grace, a country girl in her home village, meets Sean and Liam, her and her best friend Anna's lives get turned upside down. They have some good times, but sometimes the future doesn't look too sunny. With fame, escape and adventure their lives aren't 'normal'


5. Wake Up - Grace

I woke up and smiled, remembering last night. It was half eight and Anna would be here. I through onn a baggy jumper and some jeans before running down the corridor.  I shoved on my wellies and turned round to be looking Liam right in the eyes. He kissed me softly on the lips and I spun round, opening the door and speeding to the yard. Anna was with the ponies, sweeping the yard whilst Murdo and Handy roamed around loose.

"So, how was your date?" She grinned.

"I think it went well."

"Did you sleep with him?"

"No!" I shouted, a bit to loud

"What are you shouting about?" Liam yawned

"Umm, nothing," I smiled innocently

"Hmm... Can I go home?" He asked

"Anna can take you, I'll finish up with the ponies."

"Bye," They chorused

I smiled to myself as they drove away, throwing the feed buckets into the stables.

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