Emerald Isle

When Grace, a country girl in her home village, meets Sean and Liam, her and her best friend Anna's lives get turned upside down. They have some good times, but sometimes the future doesn't look too sunny. With fame, escape and adventure their lives aren't 'normal'


6. The Move - Sean

I packed the last box and sighed, I was leaving Dublin, my hometown and the only place where I felt safe. I locked my flat door and shoved the keys through the letterbox.


I unlocked my new cottage and smiled to myself at how small it was. Why did I leave my flat? Why? Why? I loved that place and because of my job as a vet I had to move. Fantastic.


The next I had to go to my first job, to a girl called Grace Mckenzie. I drove over to the farm and saw a girl of around 22 with long black hair plaited over her shoulders and bright pink wellies.

"Hey, Grace Mckenzie?"

"No, Anna Murray, and you are?"

"I'm Sean Matheson, the new vet, and you are?"

"Grace's stablegirl"

"Really? She must be rich!"

"No, I'm her best friend, but she is rich" Anna laughed

I laughed back, I think I'm falling for this girl.

"Hey guys, are you Sean?" A girl with long blonde hair and vivid blue eyes appeared round the corner

"Yeah, you must be Grace?"

"I sure am!" She laughed. "Who do you want to see today?"

"Both 'Wee Laddie' and 'Jeanie's Dream' need their teeth done" I read my list

"They'll be right here" She smiled and went round the back. I think I caught her wink at Anna.

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