Emerald Isle

When Grace, a country girl in her home village, meets Sean and Liam, her and her best friend Anna's lives get turned upside down. They have some good times, but sometimes the future doesn't look too sunny. With fame, escape and adventure their lives aren't 'normal'


3. Night Out - Grace

I jumped into the shower after talking to Anna.

After blow drying my hair I did my makeup and and slid on my red dress. I shoved my feet into my bright red heels and grabbed my phone and keys before shoving them into my black leather bag and jumping into my discovery. Ok, not very glamorous, but I don't generally do glamor, I'm a farm girl. I checked my hair and makeup in the mirror and hopped out, walking into the coffee shop, or cafe, as it is really called. They do dinners at night and it's the only place where you don't have to go into town to eat out so I settled for it. Anna gave me an encouraging smile as she left and I walked over to the bar, where I could get a coffee before the big night.

A boy of about my age strolled in, hands in pockets, a pair of black jeans and a red top, which amazingly matched my dress. Anna.... He had blonde hair and soft brown eyes.

"Hey, you must be Liam, I'm Grace," I smiled warmly.

"Nice to finally meet you!" He kissed me on the cheek.


"Anna's told me a lot about you," He laughed

I led him over to a booth with comfy sofas and sat down. There weren't many people in so it was quiet. We really hit it off and I found myself laughing more than I expected too.

Half way through the night he leaned forward to brush as stray hair out of my eyes and I closed my eyes. The next moment I could feel his lips on mine. The kiss was gentle, I didn't feel rushed or pushed, just happy. When we broke apart I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Look, do you want to come back to mine, the food is good there," I said


"Do you have a car?" I asked, glad Anna had cleaned the cottage yesterday

"No, I live in the flats, I walked," He laughed at my expression.

I took him outside and let him climb into the passenger seat.

"You drive this?" He asked in amazment

"I'm a country girl," I laughed, taking off my heels and driving in my bare feet.

"Ah, that explains a lot," He laughed too.

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