Emerald Isle

When Grace, a country girl in her home village, meets Sean and Liam, her and her best friend Anna's lives get turned upside down. They have some good times, but sometimes the future doesn't look too sunny. With fame, escape and adventure their lives aren't 'normal'


4. Enchanting - Liam

As I watched Grace drive the car into the dark wilderness, her shoes carelessly thrown into the back of the car,  wondered what made such a fragile looking girl seem so tough, so wild, so enchanting. She could sense my gaze and turned her head to me before focusing back on the road.

"What are you looking at?" She asked brightly

"You," I replied simply.

"Can you see the light over there?" She questioned, and I nodded. "That's my farm. Anna must be there or  I forgot to turn the lights off," Grace laughed lightly.

We parked in the yard and Grace retrieved her shoes laughing. Anna stood in the yard looking at us.

"Thanks Anna, you saved me," Grace smiled gratfully

"Saved you from doing what?" I asked

"Feeding the ponies,"She ran over to a dark corner where I could make out a pair of eyes

"Ponies?" I asked again

"She has millions, and I look after them when she can't be bothered to get off her lazy arse!" Anna laughed.

"Come on Liam, lets go in, thanks again Anna."

"Why is he here anyway?" Anna asked, puzzled

"She said the food was better here," I stated

"Hmm, more like a slice of bread and a glass of water. Oh and you can get a berry and some crisps if you want," Anna said sarcastically

"Shut up Annabella!" Grace shouted

"Don't call me that!" Anna laughed

Grace dragged me inside and apologised

"I don't generally tell people I have ponies," She smiled

"I just wasn't expecting it," I returned the smile

"Can I go get changed?" She ran off up the corridor and went through a few doors. I heard a crash and then some cursing. She reappear a minute later in some check pajama bottoms and a dark blue woolly jumper.

"I can't lie about the food, it's pretty bad. But I thought you would lke to watch a film," She grinned

She placed the Hangover into the DVD player and jumped onto the sofa next to me, and rested her head on my shoulder.

"Sorry if I sleep," She yawned

"What about getting up of your lazy arse?" I asked

"If I don't text Anna back by half seven, she comes and does it for me," She said sleepily

"She sounds like a great friend," I smiled

"Yeah, she is," Grace replied, drifting off to sleep.

I picked her up gently and found the room with a box of books sprawled out on the floor and guessed it was hers. I placed her on the bed and saw a picture of a man smiling at the camera. He looked very like her and under it had the caption 'I miss you'.

I left her room and slept on the sofa as I couldn't get home, I had no car. I took my jacket and jeans off and found a spare blanket to cover me.

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