ONE DIRECTION ( one shots)

it`s just some One direction one shots i writhe. If you want me to write something just say it and i`m goingt to writhe it.


2. Layla & Zayn

                                                                     Laylas P.O.V

I was home today because I didn`t have to work today. I was so tired. My phone wibrated. it was my boyfriend. Did I say that my boyfriend was Zayn Malik from the famous boyband One Direction. I probably didn`t. but he is my boyfriend. Can I come over? xxxxx. He had texted me. ofcourse! xxxxx. after ten minutes he knocked on the door. I opened it and Zayn walked in. He hugged me and kissed me on my mouth. I smiled. " I missed you" I said to him. " I missed you to."  We sat down and watched TV. I laid my head on his shoulder. He started to sroke my hair. I smiled and closed my Eyes. "Are you hungry?" He asked. i nodded and he took out his phone and called after pizza. When he had laid the phone down on the tabel he started to tickel me. I giggled."s-stop Zayn!!!" I laughed. he just laughed. But after a while he was tired to tickel me so he sat me on his lap. I giggled and messed up his hair. "Hey not my hair." He shouted. "I`m going to tickel you untill you die." he shouted.   I screamed and ran to the to my bedroom. Zayn ran after me. I hide in my wardrobe. "Where are you Layla." He said.when he was in front of the wardrobe whit his back to it I walked up to him. "BOOO!!!!" I screamed. he screamed like a girl. i laughed so hard so I couldn`t Breathe. he lifted me up and caried me to my bed and laid me down. he laid on top of me. his hands was on ether side of my head. Zayn leaned down and kissed me. he kissed me all over my face. i giggled. i starte to kiss all over his face but I did`n finish because someone knocked on the door. I walked downstairs and opened the door. it was the pizza guy."Thanks" I said to him and Zayn give him some Money. We walked in to the livingroom  and wached TV and ate pizza. "I missed you so much" i said to him. "I´m here now and i´m staying a week." he said and smiled at me. I yawned. "Go to sleep sweetheart" He whispered to me and i fell asleep.

Next morning i woke up on the sofa with Zayn beside me. I giggled and climbed over him. I took a glas with water and tiped it Zayn. He woke up with a scream. i laughed. this was going to be a perfect week with Zayn.


i´m sooooooo sorry that i´m so late and that it´s so short. i had no ideas. but this is to laylaloves1D. so so sorry.

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