new town, new boy, new ways

Blaze parker, an incredibly beautifull,badass girl lives in a town of smoking, drinking and drugs. Shes the baddest girl around , and her life is going down hill. Its untill her super rich dad gets a promotion and has to move outta town when she finds the sweetest, most gorgeous and cute boy shes ever know. mainly because the ones she did know where all gangstas and hardos. He can see underneath all her makeup and lies, he sees the sweet girl he knows she is. He helps her to change her ways as they fall deeply in love.


1. my life

my p.o.v

hi, my names blaze , which stands for a burning flame. Id say it describes me perfectly. Im not your usual type of girl. Im not afraid to do drugs, alcohol or sex. In fact i already have, its great. You should try it one time . I live in the biggest house at mons grove, and i certainly hold the best parties , you see my dads never here so its just me , alone , in this big house, well apart from the cleaners and staff , but nothing a little threatening and extra money cant do to stop them spragging. Even if they did , i would deny it , make up some story , my dad would believe me and then fire them. Its happened before and they cant afford to loose their job. Incase i forgot to tell you, im 16 years old, 17 in july. I look well older , perhaps 19 which is good. I get into clubs , can buy booze and fags and well do alot of stuff i shouldnt ..... 


My natural hair  is dark brown with a slight flowy curl. But now blonde and lifeless. my eyes are brown ,and dreamy. I have 'sucking off' lips as they say , that are usually covered in red or pink lipstick. I wear black eyeshadow, with sometimes some silver glitter on it just to make my self look glam. I usually wear crop tops with rips in , skinny dark jeans , band tops , creepers or other clothes along the line.



shit. "susan, get your fucking arse up here you lazy worker'

"im coming madam"

"wheres my morning shots?"

"right here, madam "

"thankyou sue, uhmm why dont you treat yourself today and buy something new ey? you can take some of pappas money , as long as you dont get caught. If you do, your shit k?"

"yes madam , thankyou" she happily thanked me 

yeye , i know im super badass, but susan does alot for me , and well i can always rely on her ,plus i love seeing people get into shit , there cameras all around pappas office, just whenever i steal i turn them off. im a sneaky bitch haha.


well better get ready for school. i shoved on my black and grey arse cheek shorts, and put on my skull baggy tee shirt. grabbed some bracelets, put on a headband, puffed up my hair and gave it a bit of a shake. I then went to my personal bathroom, put my usual makeup on, but added extra stay lipstick. I was feeling extremely flirty today. Grabbed my school bag, put on my boots and jumped into my dirty pickup truck. I loved it. 


I actually attended   school quite regularry , just not all the classes. I loved hanginf out at this little shed in the field next to school with my crew. There was tonya, steph , liz, quiennie, zak, troy,zayn, amber and bolton. We usually smoked there , mainly because no one could smell or see us. There was a few old beds and tatty sofas, a cheap tv, stereo and all our gear there. It was awesome. We always came here when we bunked class. And for me and zayn , that was often.

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