new town, new boy, new ways

Blaze parker, an incredibly beautifull,badass girl lives in a town of smoking, drinking and drugs. Shes the baddest girl around , and her life is going down hill. Its untill her super rich dad gets a promotion and has to move outta town when she finds the sweetest, most gorgeous and cute boy shes ever know. mainly because the ones she did know where all gangstas and hardos. He can see underneath all her makeup and lies, he sees the sweet girl he knows she is. He helps her to change her ways as they fall deeply in love.


2. my bad boy

my p.o.v

so i bet your all wondering who zayn is right ? well hes my super hot boyfriend. He used to be in a band one direction or something? i dont know and dont really care, they split up a few years ago. They didnt really last long either. 

He has dark coloured hair, thats abit messy but styled at the same time. I love combing my fingers through it and untangling the knots. Brown eyes like mine, that can be so seductive at times. Eye lashes as long as girls, that when fluttered, makes them do what he wants. His skin so tanned and soft like a babys butt. How could he be so ruff?  His lips so rosy and moist. perfect for kissing.


"hey babe , you coming for a few fags and so, well bunk till lunch?" he said whilst pulling me to the direction of the field where our shed is.

"yeah sure, ill ask the others yeh?" i replied

"noo, we havnt got time babe , come on" he sternly said 

He piggy backed me through the field , untill we reached our shed. we set up our smoking trays , and lay out a few selections of drugs and fags. We took a puff of the one we wanted first. Dam does it taste good. He pulled out some vodka and some other weird alcohol from under the table and poured us a glass each. At the time i didnt suspect anything of it. 

About half an hour later , we was both drunk and high enough to not know what we was doing. Well by both i mean just me,he clearly knew what he was doing. It was his plan all along. He gently placed his hand on my knee , and started rubbing around it in a circluar motion. He made his way further and further up. Rubbing my thighs and soon my fadge. He certainly was good at feeling someone up. He then stood up , and pulled me with him. He got closer to me so our faces were touching. Lip to lip. His hand were around my waist and his thumbs were rubbing up and down along my hip bone. It made me moan abit. I couldnt help that it was one of my weak spots. Before i knew it his had slid his hands down the frount of my shorts and inside my pants. He rubbed harder this time , so hard he was fingering me. At the same time my neck was held backwards , as i was trying to hold the moans, he started to kiss it, he left a love bite. I could feel it bruising , it was so sore. He finally stopped fingering me and wiped his fingers on a tissue. Gross. He picked me up and we started kissing passionately. It got ruffer and ruffer. My head started spinning at this point and i kept having really hot flushes. I was turned on. He pushed me onto the bed and he pulled off his top, jeans sock and shoes. Quickly after he took mine off for me , leaving the occasion kisses as he did so, he slowly slid his dick into me. yes he had a condom dont worry!Safe sex!(y) God did i moan. He was good, properbly the best ive had. His eyes were full of lust. That made me even more dizzy. 


There you have it, my first sex experience inside a relationship. All the others were just one night stands. And since then stuff like that became a regular thing. 

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