Victoria, a 17 year-old girl's mother got a new job in Ireland as for she is excited to go back to her hometown and live there as long as she can. Later Victoria found out that her mother's job is the assistant for One Direction. Her mother wanted her daughter to get to know the boys. Even more. As Victoria and the boys got along with each other, Victoria and Niall seemed to get closer...




After I had tucked sleepy Victoria in bed, I quietly stepped outside seeing that the boys were easedropping us. I didn't care though. All I cared about was Victoria. As I walked inside my room I saw that I hadn't put away my plate from when I had my Nandos so I quickly put it in the mini sink in the mini kithcen and slowly drifted to sleep. Tuesday had come and we only had 5 days left to be in Ireland. CURSE YOU DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!!!! WHY YOU MAKE DAYS SHORTER?????!!!!! I crepted out of bed walking into the bathroom to take a short shower. Once I stepped outside my bathroom NAKED I saw Victoria in my room looking at my baby pictures that i had brought with me. SWEET NANDOS OF CHICKEN!!!!! Most of the pictures had me naked! I guess it din't really matter. I was only a tiny little baby. I quickly then told her to not look up since I naked, so she didn't. I have read 1D Niall fanfics before but, in them they said that they looked. Thank macoroni she didn't. After I got dressed I decided to ask Victoria THE QUESTION. I was scared though. What if she rejected? Then all those kisses were for nothing. But i was brave enough to actually ask. I waited for her answer.


"Will you go out with me Victoria?" Niall asked in the most SWEETEST voice ever. I had to say yes. So I did. "Yes Niall. I would." "YUS!" He shouted. Then he realized that he said that out load so he blushed. I kissed him on the cheek as a sign saying that it was okay and there was no need to be embarassed. Later breakfast was called so we ran down the stairs and quickly snacked on our pancakes. When me and Niall were done, we decided to wait for them to tell them that we were gonna go out on a date tonight so that they wouldn't be mad at us if were weren't there and also that we didn't tell them earlier. Or maybe if we didn't go down to eat dinner which will make it seem so suspisiouso that we were going out. When they were all done they had weird looks on their faces when they saw that we weren't in our rooms. Then to break the silence, I told them what we were waiting to tell them for. "Me and Niall are going on a date tonight so we won't be here for dinner, so I want you boys to tell Paul and I will tell my mum since she wouldn;t care anyway since she wanted me to date  Biall since he is the Irish one and she says that we are perfect for each other." OOPS! Did i just say what I said. The secret that my mom told me not to tell ANYONE even though she wouldn't know?????!!!!! The boys had a "awwww" moment until I told them me and my Mum's secret. After I told them our "not so secret anymore" secret they had a weird look on their faces. We then had an EXPLOSION of laughter. When we were done we talked about how we should go to the mall and go SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!! After our talk we all got dressedand headed to the mall until we got stopped by my mum. " Where are all of you lads going?" She asked. "The mall!" Louis shouted. "Well then be careful. We don't want any rumors about you and Niall ACTUALLY dating instead of just going on a date tonight. Oh also by the way be careful tonight too love birds." "You heard us??!!!" "It's not like you lads were quiet!" We all laughed and started driving to the mall. During the car drive me and Niall talked about where we were gonna go to for dinner tonight then Zayn suggested, "Maybe you should go to Nandos. It is always so crowded there at night so maybe people won't even notice you guys." "Perfect! Thank You Zayn!" I hugged Zayn and we were suddenly already at the mall. 

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