Victoria, a 17 year-old girl's mother got a new job in Ireland as for she is excited to go back to her hometown and live there as long as she can. Later Victoria found out that her mother's job is the assistant for One Direction. Her mother wanted her daughter to get to know the boys. Even more. As Victoria and the boys got along with each other, Victoria and Niall seemed to get closer...




Once me and Niall got to Nandos, we decided to take it for to go and go home since it was well, a bit fancier so I called my mum and she came to pick me and Nialler up. We got home and ran to the dining room as Paul slowly and quietly shut the door as he turned on some music, being of course, One Direction. After we ate all of our Nandos, Niall checked to see what time it was and it was 8:45 nope 8:46. When we were put all of our stuff away Niall told me, "Head to your room and clean up. When you are done, come to my room ;D" I then began rushing up the stairs into my room and getting cleaned up and changed into my pajamas. As I slowly walked into Niall's room I could see that he was laying on his bed on his phone texting someone. Who could it be? Maybe some other that Niall is cheating on me with? Shutup Tori. That's not true. But if it was then he wouldn't of kissed me. On the lips. At the playground. As I stepped inside I could tell that Niall was ready to tell me the surprise that I have been waiting for. "Hey Victoria!!!!!" Niall shouted a bit startled since I didn't knock...


"Hey Victoria!!!!!" I shouted a bit startled. I wonder if she heard about knocking? "So. Why did you want me to be in here? She asked confused. "Shut the door, Turn the light off. (If you sang that <~~~~ HIGH FIVE MOFO!!!!!) Lay on my bed as I go get something." As I ran to my closet I looked for her present I was gonna give her After the date. Goodness!! Reality, please help me find it!!!!! "Finally!" I protested. As I took out the box I slowly walked to the bed, I sat carefully next to Victoria and switched the light on. I opened the box and took the necklace out and put it on Victoria's neck. "It's beautiful. Tanks Niall." Her sweet voice flowed through out the whole time she stayed in my room. I guess she was in here for a long time because everyone was asleep. Then later Victoria yawned, and layed down next to me as she fell asleep in my arms. This definatly was the best date EVAR!!!!!!!!!! I knew everything would fall perfectly when she arrived and I fell in love staring into her deep blue eyes. 

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