Victoria, a 17 year-old girl's mother got a new job in Ireland as for she is excited to go back to her hometown and live there as long as she can. Later Victoria found out that her mother's job is the assistant for One Direction. Her mother wanted her daughter to get to know the boys. Even more. As Victoria and the boys got along with each other, Victoria and Niall seemed to get closer...




IT WAS HUGE!  The water bed,  the walk in closet, the mini sitting corner area, and obviously my favorite THE MINI KITCHEN! ARE YOU KITTEN ME?????!!!!! This DEFINATLY was my DREAM ROOM! I love my mum. Back to the mini kitchen, since that I have one I dont have to go down and up the forever stairs to get a snack whenever I am hungry. Soon I walked off my water bed to grab a water bottle from the little tiny fridge (not really little tiny but) and jumped on my bed. Then I heard some unfamiliar noises. Forgetting about my water, I slowly crept open the door to the room where the noises were coming from. I made a small crack with the door and saw Harry watching some t.v. Then after finding out that the noise was coming from Harry's room, I slowly shut the door so that Harry wouldn't notice that I was peeking at what he was doing. Dinner came soon and me and the boys came rushing down the stairs and had a little competion to see who can get down the forever stairs first. Once we reached the bottom our winner was (if you really know the boys you would know that it was,) Liam. We all sat down in our spots at the dinner table and talked and giggled as we snatched at our food. I had a fun time eating with the boys and I think they did too. Then Niall asked if I'd like to take a walk outside with him and get to know each other even MORE. So I said yes. Who wouldn't anyway?


We stepped outside into the cold and  walked and talked about ourselves. As we stared talking I had stared into those beautiful deep blue eyes of hers. And when I mean "hers" I mean Victoria's. Soon we found ourselves at the parkand sat down on a bench to rest our feet from walking. WOOSH. Brrrrr it was cold. I turned to see Victoria shaking, so I wrapped my arms around her. "Thanks Niall. You know, this is really fun"  "Your welcome. And I think This is fun too. But mainly because I am here woth a beautiful Irish girl named Victoria." Then I kissed her. On the lips. On her beautiful pink lucious lips.


ER MAH GURRRRRRD. Niall James Horan just kissed me. On the lips. After he pulled away I stared into those beautiful blue eyes as he stared back into mine. He could tell that the way I stared at him I like it and wanted another one. So he did. He let go of my cheek and we then noticed it was dark, so we ran home. Once we got home me and Niall headed up to my room and sat on my bed as we gazed into each others eyes and talked and giggled. When I got tired, I yawned, which made Niall leave my room after tucking me in and kissing me on the forehead. I was glad that I hadn't fallen asleep to not feel that spark. But on my forehead. AWKWARD.   

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