Victoria, a 17 year-old girl's mother got a new job in Ireland as for she is excited to go back to her hometown and live there as long as she can. Later Victoria found out that her mother's job is the assistant for One Direction. Her mother wanted her daughter to get to know the boys. Even more. As Victoria and the boys got along with each other, Victoria and Niall seemed to get closer...




SWOOSH. The airplane shot into of the air as I stared out the window depressed and excited at the same time as I turned around to see my mum sleeping. Hours had passed as we were still on the plane soaring through the sky as I slowly drifted to sleep. "Victoria sweetheart WAKE UP!" My mum said as she roughly shook me. "What mum?!" I half shouted still half asleep. "We're in Ireland love!" she protested. "Get your bag! Meet me outside the plane!" Once i grabbed my bag I shuffled out the plane, I heard screaming fans everywhere blowing my eardrums out. "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!" I said to my mum once I met up with her. "IS SOMEONE HERE I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT?!" I asked shouting. "YES BUT IT'S ONLY MY ONE DIRECTION. YOU KNOW THE BOYS I AM WORKING FOR!!!!!" My mum shouted answering my question. "WHAT?????!!!!! YOU'RE WORKING FOR ONE DIRECTION?????!!!!!" "DID I NOT TELL YOU THAT?!" "HALE NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!" I did laugh at the fact that she thought she told me. It IS better as a surprise though. After we were done with our conversation, pushing and shoving through the crowd of teenage girls we made it to the boys. OH. MY. GOD. Was my mum really working for One Direction. Impatient to know if this was reality or a dream I asked my mother, "MUMMY?!" "WHAT?!" "PINCH ME!" Then she did. What the firetruck! I didn't think she would actually do it. I guess she wanted me to know that this WAS reality. Soon we fought through the crowd and into the van. During the drive in the van, the boys (more like Niall) suggested that we get to know ourselves. So we did. After the long drive from the airport, we got to my new house where me, mum. the boys, and sometimes Paul would stay there until we go somewhere else for the tour. Once I got out of the van, WOW! Was it just a big house! No not big GIGANTIC!!!!! Plus it had an amazing view!! Then without realizing my mum, Paul, and the boys were heading inside the mansion. Following behind the boys and everyone else, Niall had noticed that I was behind and decided to join me. Once we were inside, just WOW! Was it ven BIGGER inside! "Victoria, why don't you go up to your room? You'll be happy at what I chose for you!" My mum said. As I walked up the LOOOONG stairs, I saw a door with a sign saying " Victoria's Room" on it. As I slowly stepped inside...  *GASP*


Wow, was she beautiful! The new assistant had the most beautiful daughter I had ever seen. Like EVAR.  "NIALL, HARRY, LOUIS, LIAM, ZAYN! Good to actually meet you boys in person!" Amanda screamed. "Nice to meet you too Mrs.Clover." I greeted. "Go up to your rooms. I hope you don't mind staying here for the rest of the days you are here in Ireland." As I rushed up the forever stairs, I found a door with a sigh saying "Niall Horan" on it so I ran inside. *GASP* "NANDOS!" I shouted. I could here good ol' Louis"s laugh after that.I grabbed a few chicken legs and some wings and, PLOP. I jumped on the water bed luckily not dropping any chicken chewing away the meat on the legs and wings.After eating mah food I decided to take a 30 minute nap on the bed that flowed whenever I moved my little Irish body. Ahhhhh. (soothingly.) Finally. A quiet relaxing relaxing moment. 



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