Victoria, a 17 year-old girl's mother got a new job in Ireland as for she is excited to go back to her hometown and live there as long as she can. Later Victoria found out that her mother's job is the assistant for One Direction. Her mother wanted her daughter to get to know the boys. Even more. As Victoria and the boys got along with each other, Victoria and Niall seemed to get closer...




"Victoria." My mother and father called. "We have an announcement to make for you. Come inside. Boys, stay." I walked inside scared, worried that the announcement would be terrible. I wasn't wrong. I was right. It was terrible. Sad. I cried. I ran up to my room. Sobbing in my pillow, I heard a knock. "Who is it?" I said in between me tears. "Niall." "Come in." I din't care if I was a mess. I knew that he would be the one to cheer me up. "Your mum told me the "announcement" too." He frowned. I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and said, "What happens now?! Do have to say good bye? Today?!" "It's Sunday. It's my last day here in Ireland and, You can't come with me. I know you would but, things would just get worse." I started to tear up again. "Well. Do you want to help me pack up?" I nodded and we went inside his room. I knew that he would come back and visit so I told him to leave about a quarter or half of his clothes here so he doesn't have to pack again when he comes during his break. Once we were done packing me and Nialler decided to eat in his room to be alone for his last day. We talked until our plate was foodless. "NIALL!!!" Paul called out. I placed a kiss on his cheek and put the dishes in the sink. We ran down stairs, sad. Before Niall stepped outside he gave me one last kiss before he left. He smacked his lips to mine as I held tightly. 3 seconds later he pulled back and quickly turned away and ran to the van. I watched as the black van drove off. I ran up to my room, letting the tears stream down my face. I felt so empty inside. I don't have anything to cheer me up. I don't have anything to laugh with. All I have is an empty mansion, but with 2 other people living in. Only 2. I wonder what Niall is thinking. What he wants. If he really misses me or not. I don't know. I never cared before. But I do care now. And I wish I didn't. What is happening? I feel drowsy all of a sudden. I'm sweating. I hardly can breathe. What is going on? Then the next thing you know, I drop down to the floor, as a loud thud rings through the whole house. I fainted. This never happened before. Though I was told this would happen someday. Some reason I didn't believe it though. I thought that my mum was just kidding with me. Now what? Oh how I wish Niall was here. Then I had an idea to call him. Well later. He could be on the plane right now.

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