Homework :(

We've all had it and it's a been there, done that thing. please don't be put off because it's about homework!


1. Homework :(


How I hate it!

Why do we have it?

As it makes our life a misery


But people want to torment us!

Make us dead with boredoom!

I wish that I could tear it up

And put it in the bin.


Teacher are not to blame,

Though you may think so

It turns out they hate it too,

Almost as much as us!


but do you know who is too blame?

Making us do this torture?

Stopping us from going outside

And going shoping with friends?


The people who run the country!

The Goverment I mean! 

So when the teachers say "Homework!"

And a groan is heard all around.


Just think about those MPs in Parliment...

Just think about them now...


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