Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


3. This Is The New Experience?

Lucky for me, Not late. Never was late though, Well I don't really remember.. Father always taken me too school. Along with Mum who would hold my hand on the way home. Sometimes it was the only thing that made me feel safe. No hand to hold here.. No father to be with, Just a bunch of strangers, At-least I have my old friends. Hopefully they remember me.. I guess I will have to find out, As I pushed the gate open. Two older kids walked in the school, One of them did thank me. As the other just walked on with-out a sound. Strange.. I guess he didn't see me..

Once the gate was open, I walked inside the school building. What a wonderful place to be so far.. Yet no respect in sight? As I tried to remember what room I was in, I kind of got lost in emotions.. Didn't last too long, It could of but the bell rang. Okay! That must of been the third bell, I whispered to my-self. As I walked on towards the stairs, Surely I'm in the right zone. The amount of crowds that walked past me, Or even into me were quire a majority. Until I remembered what class I was in. 

Okay B3 > So that must be the Music room. Well one of the music rooms, To my surprise it was the right room. Everyone else were waiting out-side for the teacher to turn up. There was a lot of conversations going on, Until I was pulled by my left arm, As I turned around to face who it was, It was my group of friends! "Hey girl, Where you been lately?" That voice sounded familiar, Trying to remember who everyone was. Was even more difficult than I would of thought. Sar.. Sarah? I said with a confused voice. "Yes! You remember my name.. Wow, I thought you would of forgotten us". She said with a pose. 

Yeah, Me too.. I guess it's because this place has so many memories. "Yeah or our friend-ship can't be forgotten!" Who was that? The voice wasn't Sarah's. Yet it was very a rude interruption, Trying to remember who was rude in general.. Hmmm.. Angelica  I whispered to my-self. "Yeah.. What about my name?" She giggled, As I just looked at her confused. "Lighten' up Angelica!" Okay? Oh my god! I remember that voice! Secretly my best friend. Jess? "Sis' You will never forget me huh" As she reached for me with her arms out. I closed in on her arms, As I delivered a hug of missing you.

"So Selena? How's your mother?" Angelica can be cruel sometimes, Yet I feel she really cared.. So I let out a tear, As I shown her my face expression, It was pretty obvious to what I had to say. She gave me puppy eyes, Leaning into me with her with arms out wide. Okay, Im fine now Angelica. She always knew how to suffocate someone with a hug. Reminds me of a Python..

Occasionally, She would sometimes stop you from breathing. Yeah only for a few brief seconds. Nothing fatal, Unless your in a fight with her, There is nothing to worry about. "I wouldn't harm a fly" That's what she once said back in 3RD grade. Slammed a book onto the poor flying bugger. Makes me sad to see creatures die, Yet I feel it's fine, If it's a fly.

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