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16. There Were Yet So Many Differences!

Father decided to take his car, yet it was a little untidy. The seats were full of dust. I guess father had not of used this car for a while now. He used to drive until he got his brand new BMX, it shocks me to see him this healthy. Mum would be so proud of him, if only she was here. Heck, she would be proud of the whole family she once knew. Thinking of differences made me question Jake, the poor Jake is in the back of my family's car. The boy who brought hell to my door-step is in our car! Instead of being scared of him, I decided to take care of him. Just maybe, just maybe I could learn a few things from him.

"Selena, the closest hospital is a whole twenty miles away, yet if you keep him breathing, we should be-able to make it in ten to twenty minutes". Father said as he coughed into his window screen. "Okay father", I whispered with a smile. As I looked beside me, Jake was resting against my shoulder, I guess he lost strength. Well he will certainly be loosing alot more than strength. He could lose his life, even all of his blood he could of lost back there. The final thing he will care about is his respect. I know how it works, they treat you like one of their own, you get used to them too. They sap the information out of you, before you can even say "I quit", it's as simple as that. 

Just as father turned the car to nearest gas station, I had a choice. Leave the car with Father or stay with Jake. Why is there a small choice to be made, yet I feel this choice could have an effect on my life. Father then had to ask me the question, nothing unusual, well it sort of is since we have a boy I hardly know yet. "Selena, you staying in the car or coming with me?", Father asked as brushed his hair. "I'm staying here, just to make sure Jake is okay". I actually said that? Wow, maybe I am a bit of a softy. I was glad Jake was knocked out stone cold, at least he never heard that I just agreed to stay with him. Watching Father step out of the car, as he walks a-side the car to fill the car with petrol. 

Before I could of said, Father could you get me a milkshake, he was out of sight. So I presumed he went into the shop not far from here. Waiting patiently with a stone cold Jake, well it was certainly boring. All of a sudden I hear a vibrating sound coming from Jake's left coat pocket. Okay, my only choice to now touch him? Oh seriously, I feel the world hates me. Instead of leaving it, I decided to grab it out of his left pocket. Damn, it was a phone. Of course it was a phone. Yet who the heck would be calling Jake at this time? I pressed answer, I had to hear someone. I'm bored waiting here, it sucks pretty hard core. "Jake, if you get this message. Just remember that your out of the gang kid", a voice said. Damn, it must of been Kyle, that cheeky boy who thinks he can destroy my home. Just as I cancel the phone call, Father is still no where to be seen. 

Waiting here patiently with a stone cold Jake yet again, I heard a voice from out-side the car. Then I hear a knocking sound, it sounds like someone has knocked on glass possibly. "Madam, please draw your window down", the stranger said. When I looked to see who it was, I was relieved in a way. Yet it was an officer, this made me nervous. I slowly rolled down the window trying to not show any sudden movement. "Madam, thanks for following officer's orders", the officer said. "My name is PC James, I was alerted that you were attacked in your home". "Is this true yes or no? Because if it's false then I am going to have to take you for questioning". Instead of just saying I have no idea what your talking about, I decide to respond. 

"Yes, my friend made a call for me earlier", I replied with a stupid answer. The officer looked at me, as he held an Iphone in his left hand. Along with a pad of notes. "Madam, can you please tell me what your friend's name was", the officer replied with a smile. I tried to defend myself in this situation. Just as I was about to speak more, Father races towards our car. "Wait! Please, Wait officer..", Father shouted as he slowly ran out of breathe. "What? Oh.. You must be the Father of this young woman", the officer said. "Yes, I am the father of this young woman. That young woman is my daughter", Father said. "Well then, now that your here, I am going to have to ask you all to come to the station". I was about to ask why, until I noticed that the officer must of seen Jake next to me. Father looked worried. 

"Okay Officer, we will drive behind you. Just lead the way", Father said as he pulled his collar tight. "No, I'm sorry sir, yet I am going to need your daughter to hop in my car, you need to take that boy to hospital". Well this was awkward, I guess the officer just wants me for questioning. Father looked a little unhappy that I had to go with a police officer. He probably worries that I may go down for something. "Okay, PC James, I will go with you to the station", I replied nervously holding onto the edge of my seat. Father did not say a word, it was like he felt scared. Who could blame him, police are not always the best in situations. Yet this situation if only the officer knew how much my father fears the police. 

As I open the car door, I feel a cold wind go down my spine. I guess I feel guilty. I mean if anything, I was a witness, I also could of been a hero. Instead I decided to hide away up-stairs, letting Jake get stabbed. What was I thinking, why am I so weak at situations like these. I had always let my friends down, just like now, yet we weren't real friends. Stepping from my Father's car into the officer's car made me realize how useless I really am. Father did wave to me though, as he held his head down low. I tried to blow him a kiss, yet the officer told me to focus on the situation. I whispered to myself, bye father.

Watching us drive away from Father and Jake, I felt a tear in my left eye. I guess I feel trapped and alone. Yet police are very safe, they have saved me in many situations in the past. Sadly I don't know this officer as well as others, I guess I am alone. "Madam, please don't be too afraid of us, we are here to protect you", an officer said. The officer aside PC James, well I guess I have no idea what his name is. Probably won't get to know his name either. "I know officer, this is just a little nerve racking", I replied with a gulp. The officer giggled a little, until he focused back on driving. 

"The reason we are taking you to the station is due to this crime, we need to hear your point of view", the officer said. Well I guess I was a witness, yet I hardly witnessed much, I pretty much just saw what father had seen. Wait! I know one of the lad's first names, so maybe just maybe, the officers would know who I am referring to. As we go past many other buildings, along with great views to look at. We finally arrive at the station. "Madam, please walk with us", PC James said with a smile.

They did sound like nice people, yet it is pretty much what they are paid for. Along with keeping all civilians safe, so yeah I respect the police in many ways. Just times like this, I wish they would respect me back. The building looked tall and wide, not much to look at, yet loads of police cars parked aside the road. Even walking into the building, I heard some bad language. Sadly I had to witness other criminals being held forcefully. "Madam, please don't look that way", PC James said as he escorted me to a room. As we arrived at the door of the questioning room, I like to call it that anyway. 

"Madam after you, I will be in just after you", PC James said with a smile. Well it was pretty respectful of him to hold a door open for me, yet I have had many experiences with people holding doors for me. Nothing new really, just a way of being friendly and helpful. "Madam, please take a seat", PC James said as I looked at a table. Well now that I am in this seat, I guess I have to reveal what I had seen, yet I felt so nervous just looking at PC James. "In your own time please miss, yet we don't have day", PC James said. "This interview is with me PC James and, please say your name madam", "Selena", I whispered. "Thank-you, now the time is 17:30 PM, the date is the first of April two-thousand and thirteen". Well I guess the interview has begun. I felt the need to look away, yet PC James was a very strong individual. 

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