Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


9. The True Bully

"Look, I could of swore I heard one of them down here". That sounded like the teacher, I better make a quick run further down the stairs. After my head ache slightly faded, I felt adrenalin inside of me pumping like a racing heart. "I see her, she is down there!" I had to run, so I did what any other kid would do, sure it was risky. However my reputation was most likely doomed now, so I should just make a quick escape. As soon as I reached the bottom floor, I could see the exit door. Yes! I can't believe I made it to the door, I must be good. Even though I questioned that a little. 

As I stared at the exit door, I knew time was short before they would find me. Before I could even make an escape, I felt someone grab me, Woah! Get off me. I know this was a little sudden so I looked behind me. Damn! It was the group of kids that don't like me, I hate this day already. "Look who it is, looks like goo-die two shoes is making a break for it?" That was the plan, until you grabbed me with no sound what so ever. "Ha, well let's look at it this way, you are one of us". I hated hearing that from a snobby bitch, sorry it's just how I feel about this meanie. 

The voice was pretty obvious, I remembered her in a heart-beat. Reminds me of the times I hated school, I guess alot has changed since then. That bitch, her name is Elisha. She was the first trouble maker in my class, until Jake came along. I wonder where he has ran off too. It was impossible to make run away, I was being held by both arms. Even if I pulled myself out, it would be too late. The teachers would obviously see me, I was a little surprised they hadn't came down-stairs yet. Knowing the principal, his most likely drinking coffee, I remember his coffee breaks were often in cases like this.

"Oh Selena, isn't it so bad to be down here? That spiky haired boy was fun too". What? No, how could she be with Jake? He had only just joined the school, is there something I don't know about him? "So Selena, why don't you say hello to an old friends". What on earth is this chatty mouth talking about? As I looked directly in-front of me, I could see Elisha texting on her phone. Let me go please, a cry for help is all I could really do. "Here she is, looks like she got my message". I don't know what she was talking about, it made me wonder though. Just from around the corner I heard a door open, I hope it's not the teachers. 

Walking out from behind the wall, there she was. I remember this one ever so well, she and I never ever got on. I hate the way she wears her scarf, it's always around her neck with it dangling down her hair. Yeah she has it behind the hair, apparently it makes her look good. Sounds stupid? Well that's nothing, I know alot about her already. "Selena? Well you certainly haven't came here for a while". She spoke with the glitter around her eyes sparkling, it made me feel sick inside. Funny, I thought you were expelled Lizzy, "well, I could of been. Your stupid games almost got me done for!" I had no choice but to giggle a little. 

Still being held back, Lizzy approached me directly, she didn't look nervous like back in the old days. "So Selena? Why don't we make you look a little better huh?" I did not like the sound of that, there was little I could do in such short time. Lizzy placed her long fingers around my neck. I felt like biting her, maybe that would teach her a lesson! "Now Selena, why don't you wear some purple make-up?" Lizzy was cold hearted, she had no feelings for others, as long as she was the main attraction. I guess it's all she ever wanted, so she plans on getting it her way. Abuse is most likely going to happen with her being involved. "Selena, what's in your goo-die bag?" Lizzy always had cheap puns to throw at me..

I managed to speak a little, even though she had her hand around my neck. I was lucky to even breathe, the force wasn't too bad, I've had worse believe me. I had to watch Lizzy steal my bag from my arm, she ripped it off with a smile. "Selena? What's this in your bag?" I sighed while looking down, seems like she had found my phone. "I'm sure this phone could come in handy, who knows, maybe it has dirty little secrets on it". I did not like the way she spoke to me, it was so cruel for her to do something like this. "Well, seems like there is a password on this stupid phone!" I love it when Lizzy is angry, she can be so dumb sometimes. As I had giggled a little as she said that, I was punished for it. 

"What the hell you laughing at? Do you think it's funny?" I had to burst out laughing and just tell her what I really thought, It was a little difficult to do so. Seems like she had loosened her grip around my neck, thanks I guess. "Let's have a little fun Selena, maybe your remember me better". I hated her new attitude, she was so uptight. Well, I was now forced to walk with two bully guards. Yeah they were like her henchmen, seems like they don't care serving for a bitch. One of the bully guards wore a black hoodie, Yeah it was a male, while the other one was more muscular. He just wore a sports jacket covering his school clothes. What a complete jerk, not going to show you represent this school huh?

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