Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


6. The Teacher's Name?

His voice was no where near annoying, Again it was kind of soothing to my ear drums. Since I was turned away from his direction, I guess I felt a little shy. That's odd, Why would I be shy around this particular boy?, Before judging this boy next to me. He tapped my shoulder, With caution I turned to face him. Yes? I had said with-out a problem in mind. "What's your name?", He had only just got here, Yet his asking for my name. That question did spark something into mind though, What was the teacher's name?. I had thought to myself, My name? I whispered trying to avoid disruption. He giggled at me, Then he whispered back to me. "My name is Jake", That name didn't sound like trouble to me. Since he had told me his name, It would only be right of me, To tell him mine. 

My name is.. In a burst of a thought, I had thought of lying to the kid. I guess I wasn't as soft as usual, Lying to the poor boy did make me feel sad. Yet I got over it, My name is.. Erm.. Angelica! Yeah that's it. He giggled again, Then turned to face the teacher. Since I had screamed out Angelica, The teacher gave me an angry face expression. As I gazed into his expression my imagination went wild with a dream love boat. Angelica looked at me funny, Maybe she was confused why I shouted her name. After taking a breathe, Then looking back down at my desk. I felt alot better, Wish that was the end of it. Yet there was alot more to come, "Young girl, Please go outside and I'll talk to you later", The teacher said in a calm voice. I nodded as Sarah's giggle was quiet to my ears.

Closing the door behind me, Starting to worry about my reputation. Lucky for me, There was a window on that door. A circular window, A little dirty but clear enough to see through. As I stood behind the door, The feeling of taking a peek made me feel better. So I did what my mind was encouraging, Taking a peek was pretty good at the time. A clear enough view to stare and gaze at the teacher. I smiled, As I felt a little smirk coming through my lips. After waiting several minutes, The teacher had finally moved towards me. I'm sure he has alot to say to me, I thought to myself. As he got closer I backed away from the door, Trying to avoid getting into more trouble. The door had opened just a little, It was pretty clear to see thanks to shadows on the floor. 

As the door opened wider, I backed off a little more. Leaning against the cold wall, With a little smile. Looking at the shadow on the floor helped me alot, I could avoid the teacher catching me peeking. A few footsteps were now heard, Along with the door closing behind him. Okay? Looks like his going to talk to me now. An excited face was pictured in my mind. Yet I'm sure it was clever of me to hide that face expression since I'm in trouble. Finally he had stepped up looking slightly down at me, His eyes were a shade of blue from the blue seas. Clear blue with a sparkle only I could see in him, I whispered. So looks like it's just me and him out-side the classroom, I'm sure we can have a chat.

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