Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


15. The Start Of The Brotherhood

"Now look Jake, how about you use this, want to be in the brotherhood still don't you?", Kyle whispered. Jake seemed powerless, yet his mind could of helped him out. If only he knew that at the time, maybe he could of done something. Just as Kyle was about to punch Jake, I stumbled on a coat. Making a sound upstairs, damn it! Kyle certainly noticed the sound, just before sending up his brothers. I crawled quietly, slowly moving towards the bathroom. "Kyle, please don't go up there!", Jake said, I heard his fear voice. The sound made me cry a tear, I seriously feel for this boy. 

"Jake, you can't tell me what is up there can you? Let me guess, money you have stolen for us?", Kyle shouted. His voice filled the entire house, he sounds so muscular. Even his whispers were intimidating, insane like. I heard footsteps approaching me, please don't come into the bathroom. I pleaded that they would miss this room, yet it would be stupid of them to do so. I heard a loud crash from downstairs, "See, that is why you do not mess with us!", Kyle shouted. Oh god, I hope Jake is okay, I don't want to see him in pain. Just before I could hide behind the curtain, the door is kicked in. "Right, who the heck in in here then?", one of the lads said, sadly if only I escaped. "Hey! What the fuck are you doing up here?", the boy said, the grasp he had on me was painful. One of them grabbed me tightly by the wrist. Yet the other grasped me by my hair. Ouch, this is painful.

"Kyle, we got someone up here! Seems to possibly be the girl of the house", well more of a sibling I would say! I heard Kyle shout from downstairs, "alright! Make sure you bring her down here!" Okay seems that I am held hostage. As I were pushed a little down the stairs, along with nudged into walls. It was painful experience, even the grip on my hair was starting to irritate me. Finally we had reached downstairs again, Kyle looked straight into my direction. The floor was covered in glass, the coffee table was broken too. Did they have a fight? I wondered what the heck went on down here. Just as Kyle walks up to me, I cough a little from the pain. "So, your the girl of the house? More of a snitch, you probably already made a call", Kyle whispered to my face. I nodded a little, until finding the strength to talk back with a reply. "No, I haven't called them, so let me go!" I shouted.

Kyle laughed again, he just shook his head. "Your that bitch on the phone ain't ya, the one who shouted at me!", Kyle shouted. I was kind of hoping he would forget about that. If any luck I wish I had forgot about it too. "This is what you do? You hide away with another traitor to my rep?", Kyle whispered as he smashed another belonging to me. It had to be the glass's.. Why the glass's, I guess he likes destroying things.. "Now you see, I can understand why Jake wants you safe, your pretty fine". Kyle whispered, I sort of blushed, for like a few seconds. He probably caught onto that, so he thought I liked him.. "Yet you decide to mess with us, you take advantage of the situation", Kyle whispered as he held me by the wrist. Thank-fully the other lads let go.

I wish he would let go of me too, I don't want this jerk in my face! Kyle's eyes rolled back to my eyes. His evil grin along with his smirk made me sick. As he held me by the wrist he pulls me along across the room. I don't know what this creep wants, his doing my heading. "Look, see what happens when you mess with us?", Kyle said as he grabbed by the hair forcing me to look down. Straight in my line of vision, there it is, Jake lying motionless on the ground. "What did you do Kyle?", I said with  a struggle. "Your so-called brother Jake, well he fucked up", Kyle whispered, as he pushed me further to the ground. I was pretty much defenceless, nothing I could do right now would change this situation. His hands were just emptying my pockets. "Seems like you have some cash on you, I guess that will work as a payment to the tribute of Jake", Kyle whispered as he spat on the ground. Yuck the spit landed on my shoe. 

"I may not know your name girl, yet I know people who maybe close to you", Kyle's threatening words stuttered me once more. "Well, I guess you can go now right?", Kyle laughs, "yeah I will be out of your hair soon, bare with us", Kyle whispered. As he let go of my hair, I no longer felt intimidated or defenceless. Yet I still could not do anything at this point. Watching Kyle pretend like nothing has happened made me angry. He just walked to the front door, treading shards of glass into the carpet. The messy room seriously needs tidying. If father see's this, I don't think he will leave me on my own again. I may lose his trust, I seriously hope not. " wha.t happened?", "Jake is that you?!", I whispered. As I looked behind me, there he was, alive in pain by the looks of things.

"What did Kyle do to you Jake?! What did he do?", I shouted. "Never mind that, the main thing is.. Your safe", Jake whispered. I doubt he could breathe properly, I tried to help him up. Slowly pulling him onto his knees, it was the best I could do with such little strength in me. "I'm going to call an ambulance Jake, make sure your safe too", I whispered. Just as I run for the phone he speaks again, "don't bother Selena, I have been a hero for once, something I never thought I could do". Jake whispered as his voice faded towards the end of his sentence. "No, your going to get to hospital, I'm not leaving you to die", I whispered. Dashing for the phone, I grab it while landing on my left foot. Rapidly punching in the numbers to call an ambulance. "Hello, I need an ambulance, my name is Selena Dorwitti, I am at the address 23 Y12 3lk St.Jester, hurry! Please!"

Thank-fully I got through to them, now I just have to wait with Jake. Encouraging him to stay alive for the sake of the ambulance and me! I sprinted quickly to Jake, slowly bending down to his height level. "Jake, you need to stay awake okay! Because the ambulance are on there way!", I shouted while holding him up straight. "You didn't have to do that", Jake whispered as his eyes slowly started close. "No no no no no! Get up! Don't you fall asleep on me!", I shouted while gently slapping his cheeks, as I pushed pressure onto his forehead. Trying to keep him awake, yet I doubted it's going to work out. The damage's I had found on Jake's body. Well it pretty severe, the pain he is going through must be horrific. 

Small shards of glass were sticking into his knees. He also had a deep wound on his left hip. Judging from the wounds, I can only imagine he was stabbed. Yet I never heard Jake scream once, maybe he expected it. "Jake, why didn't you tell me Kyle stabbed you?!", I shouted loudly, trying to keep him awake for as long as possible. The mess can wait! I have to stay for the sake of a innocent life that is in the stakes of being taken. Just as I hoped for the ambulance to arrive, Father enters the room. He must of came through the back, his reaction made me sad. "Selena! What the heck has happened.. Oh..", Father shouted as his voice faded into a softer tone. "Dad, help me please, help me save this young man's life", I whispered as I prayed towards him. "Yes.. I can see that, look.. Fine okay I will do my best Selena", he whispered.

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