Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


2. The Start Of A New Experience!

So.. I guess I go-to get going dad.. "Yeah.." Dad? I tried to climb out of his hugging grip. Okay dad! Please let go of me.. I giggled as he tickled me a little. "Okay, I'll see you later yeah" I know, I promise I'll be here when you get back. "I know you will Selena" I felt sad once again, Tears forming around my circular eyes. Awwww.. His so kind, I love him so much. In my eyes his the best dad for me, I just couldn't imagine a better dad.. Mum.. I remember, She was like a dad and a mother. 

"Okay, Selena here's your bag, I hope you have a nice day" Me too dad, As I left him a kiss on the cheek. Im sure it didn't fade too fast. I could tell from his face, That he was feeling like a Big Daddy. Love you father, "Love you too, Selena". As he opened the door for me, I smiled at him. Walking out with no problems what so ever. Father your the greatest, I whispered. I was never sure if he heard me or not. I guess he heard some of it. He smiled at me, As I walk on while he fades in the distance. 

So today.. A school day, Never really thought I'd return here.. Who am I kidding, I miss friends.. I miss family.. What more can I miss from a place like this? Safety can sure be in this place, Yet it's not the same. I don't feel great being around all these strangers. Yeah they may of had tough lives, I hate jerks who think it's all about them. Yet I feel sorry for my-self too. So I know what they are going through, I sometimes sigh when a child has been disbanded.. It's so unfair to do something like that. Leaving your child is like leaving a jewel alone, Or even a baby. Just because we are older doesn't mean we don't want care and love, With-out the formula.. How would we stride and succeed.. 

Climbing up this path was a pain, The funny thing was.. It was just a path. Never really felt like climbing either.. Must just be me, It's been a year since my family recovered tragic events. Better too late than too soon. When I was climbing up this path, Or walking.. I remembered dad this morning, What a happy smile he had on his face. That smile could recover me from almost anything. At least that's how I felt at the time, Thanks father. Your truly an expert of caring and love. Finally up this terrible path..

As soon as I looked up a little more, A big barricade! A fence, It was pretty scary at first. Yet once my mind remembered what it is and what purpose it has. Well I felt safer, Along with feeling stupid for being scared of fence. Mother always said, If you look things eye to eye, Fear is sure to follow. Yet you can heal your fear's by remembering what they really are. It always helped me when I was a child. I sometimes used it when I was alone on my birthday..

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