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17. The Interview Continues

"Now.. Selena, we can't help you unless you tell us everything", PC James said as he held back a cough. My choice was pretty much made for me, Jake was in hospital what else could I of done? That Kyle needs to do go down for the trouble he has caused. Kyle is a fiend he is an insane jerk who probably has nothing better to do. "Officer, the male who attacked Jake, he was a teenager, his name is Kyle" I whispered. The officer looked at me funny, "well Selena, explain to me what happened, the full story", PC James said. As I sat back trying to relax on this painful seat, I watched him crackle his fingers. Yeah he actually felt the need to do that. I have no idea what he was thinking yet what he was feeling.

"Kyle broke into my home, he attacked Jake!", I shouted as my voice's pressure went down a little. "Did you witness Kyle stab Jake? How do I know your telling us everything?", PC James said, I knew something was up. "Jake was on the floor, I watched him sleep in pain, I kept him awake before he could sleep in pain!", I shouted. "Madam, keep your voice down, or I am going to have to send you out to cool down". I nodded until the pressure of going to jail got to me, it fully effected me. A flash back to the moment where I watched Jake be stabbed, his face looked pale. My mind is spiralling out of control, I never witnessed Jake's stabbing. Heck, I never saw him when he was knocked down, there was no evidence to prove I was there.

"Selena, please pay attention, we need you to not lose focus", a voice echoed in my ear. I nodded once again, watching the clock above me go slower and slower. The hands were not moving, the insanity of the clock melting also got to me. "Pressure, it's all about pressure isn't it?", a voice whispered. "No!", I shouted covering my ears to block out the sounds. "Selena, calm down please, I am going to have to get a supervisor in here if you do not calm down!", PC James shouted. His voice certainly awoke me from a terrible nightmare. "I.. I am sorry sir..", I whispered while brushing the sweat of my face. "Kyle, well we have had to deal with him before. He was an insane youngster causing trouble around the neighbourhood". PC James said, his hands slowly placed a book in front of me. I blinked a little, while making eye contact with the book. 

"Now please, just fill in the information. I will come back to check when you are done", PC James said. A book? I can't sign anything, there was no witness! There was nothing but silence in that room. No stabbing could of done it, I never heard a scream or a shout. No sound what so ever, Kyle must of tricked me. Instead of writing on this paper, I decided to walk outside. I needed some fresh air, something to clear my head easily with less pain. Migration was the only thing that could cause my insanity to drop below outrageous. Walking back in the dark was nothing but a death sentence, well to me it felt that way. 

As I thought about the situation, nothing came to make sense. No pieces fitted my mysterious mind puzzle. There was a piece that just would not connect, a connecting that was subtracting my guilt. My eyes were going blurry from the lack of sleep, I could see blood over my clothes. Okay, seriously this is insane, why would I stab Jake? Kyle was the kid! Shouting to myself in my mind, this is more than ridiculous. The next corner was closer to the bus stop, so I decided to walk up a hill. It was a bit of a climb though, yet what could I expect. Heaviness from my guilt and shame made me feel down..

Finally made it half way up the hill, it's getting pretty dark though. Almost a full moon too, "Hey! Where do you think your going?!", I heard a voice shout from behind me. Just before I looked behind me, I also heard a scream. "Ahhhhhh!", it sounded like a female scream for help. It was loud along with high pitched. I turned to face behind me, trying to keep an eye on what is around me. There I saw her, lying on the ground in tears. Not far away from her was a figure, the figure looked like a hooded male. Yet I was not one hundred percent sure. Her hair was rough, the way it curled around her face. The tears made me feel sad too, the clear blueness of transparency. 

As I looked down, I finally realized who it was. "Alic.. Alice?", I whispered while offering to give her my hand. She looked so frightened, I had never seen her like this. "Leave me alone! I don't want to go back there!", Alice shouted, her cry for help made me feel bad. I felt the need to take her home with me, it was an obvious option. Before I could help her stand on her feet, the male finally caught up to us. "Hey! Leave her! She must of fallen or something", a loud voice said. I looked up a little, there he was standing while looking down at me. His face expression reminded me of someone I experienced. 

Kyle, just when I thought things were already bad enough. Meeting Alice here was sort of redeeming hope for my life. I pushed the lad over, full force while quickly grabbing Alice's hand. The grass along with soil was so boggy. It was rather slip and slide or become something worse. The option for that was too easy, I pulled Alice up, wrapped my scarf around her trying to keep her warm. "Where do you think your going!", Kyle shouted. His such a stubborn male, if he shown some respect, maybe we could respect him. After what he did to Jake, I can't learn to trust him. 

We made a slow sprint towards the bus stop, while I tried to keep balance, a out of breathe Alice dropped down while sliding down the bog. The weather from above looked horrible, it was certainly going to pour down with rain. I could not look back, even looking down the steep boggy hill made me realize how scared I am. Alice was quicker than me getting down, yet she was covered in piles of grass. Even her clothes were mucky. The storm had finally begun, washing away the soil. It was causing a boggy landslide sort of. Not too dangerous, enough to break your neck sort of dangerous. 

Watching Alice as she laid there covered in muck. I still could not find the courage to slide down the hill. It was dangerous, what if I slide into the road. Which of course was a possibility. I never had enough courage in my life, no-one ever cheered me to stay alive. It was too late to do anything, before I could make one last slide, Kyle leapt onto me. The force he must of put into that leap, well it certainly knocked me down hill. As I slid down the bog, my mouth went straight into the muck. I picked up speed along with a mouthful of grass and who knows what else. 

My eye sight was already not so great due to lack of sleep. Lot's of boggy mud surrounded my eye lids, the rain was also pretty heavy causing my eyes to sting a little. The temperature we had, well it certainly wasn't warm. It was cold, too cold for me. At-least Alice was warmish, she had my woolly scarf around her. I just hope she is okay. I could not see a thing, I was sure that the fog would get worse too. A mouthful of worms along with dirt tasted disgusting, even my vision was terrible. There was no Kyle in sight, it would be a wonder if he even slid down. He may of just pushed me, yet it felt like he jumped me. 

After just three minutes had passed, I felt a little better to stand up. Yet it was not long before I thought I was going to hurl. As I slowly spat out some muck, even a tooth had fallen out from the jaw drop onto the ground. "Well, I guess you were determined to run from me", a voice ringed in my ears. As I pushed myself up a little, my vision was a little clearer due to the heavy rain washing my eye lids. Yet my eyes were still very sore, just a slight blink would cause me pain. Kyle must of got up before me, there he was standing next to me. I tried to speak, yet the mouthful of bog sort of caused a sticky substance in my mouth. It was also kind of blocking my lungs in a way. 

"Get up! I don't pay you to lay on a job!", Kyle bellowed. Sadly for me I had to hear it several times, my ears must of been damaged a little. As I pushed myself up a little more, I could see Alice. Her head was buried a little under a layer of mud. Her hair was drenched, I could hardly see her face. The only part of her that was visible was her hands. Yet her back was bleeding a little, she must of cut her self on the way down. Kyle's demands weren't going to just die down. I tried to crawl towards her, yet for me to crawl it was quite a distance between us.

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