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18. The Final Moment Between Someone Who Was Already Lost

The tension between Kyle and Alice seemed to of raised. Her tension was probably her dreaming of pain. I tried to crawl towards her, yet my arms were in so much pain from the fall. Even my spine was aching, the force Kyle pushed me with well it was enough to knock me down. I was sure that it would knock me down again, yet I always remembered saying I would not get back up. "Kyle!", I shouted while spitting out muck. My voice probably sounded so bad to his ears. "What the heck do you want? Alice I do not pay you to lay down!", Kyle shouted once again. His anger was certainly worse than our last encounter. 

His face expression was hardly clear, yet I could see sweat running down his angry face. The bellowing in his voice made me feel intimidated. "Kyle! Leave her alone please!", I shouted once again as I pushed myself towards Alice. Still a long distance away, yet Kyle only had to walk over to me in like three steps. As he looked down at me, he kicked me in the legs, the force was enough to cause me to cry in pain. "Your a bully Kyle! Why do you have to do this?!", I shouted once again. He laughed while finally letting out his anger. Damn I wish I never got the full fury of Kyle. "You think that I care that I am a bully?! I try to protect this girl from dangers out here! I try to protect her from a snobby brat like you!", Kyle shouted as he kicked me once again. 

The force was alot more powerful, right in my hip, I whelped a little. Slowly trying to get back on my tummy. Yet the pressure of falling down got to me. There was no way of me saving Alice, heck the only option would be to serve death for her. Sure I would of been able to save her, yet how can I be one hundred percent sure Kyle would leave her alone. Just as Kyle grabbed me by the wrist, he pulled me up. I tried to stand, I tried to keep balance just to look at his furious face. Then I remembered, Alice has a mobile phone on her, I could call the police again. This time Kyle would serve justice for good. 

The plan was now in my mind. I felt like it was banked to be used against Kyle. It was like a strategy of hope, something that would teach Kyle a lesson. Yet his strategy was little more far fetched than mine. "Get up! Why don't you show how much you care about Alice!", Kyle shouted, as he taunted me. I felt like I was enclosed in an arena with a monster, yet Kyle sure was not far behind from becoming one. He raised his arm as it looked like he was going to swing for me. Luckily I never felt the pain of his furious fists. I felt the solid ground bump against my cheeks. As I had fallen rather quickly to the ground. Bruises slowly becoming visible on my knees. Even small cuts on my ankles. 

Now I was just laying in a pile of mud, reminds me of the sandpit. Only worse! The cold temperature made the rain feel like ice, I could not move a muscle. Who knows what Kyle would do to finish me off. I dreaded to find out, thank-fully he left me to lay in a pile of muck. He left me to most likely rot on the ground, not a care in the world. Alice was still on the ground, yet she must of woken. I could see her slowly moving. I imagined she was groaning in pain. She must of blacked out as she fell, what have I done Alice.. What have I done..

Kyle's fury was not over, I watched him kick Alice to the side of the bench. Just near the bus stop, nobody was there though, it was quite late to be walking the streets. Not many cars would go down this road anyway, it was a road that people dislike due to the crime that is caused around it. If anything, it would be lucky if we even survived through this area. Alice was being pushed further and further. Kyle then grabbed her tightly, lifting her off the ground with force. Then I heard her scream, oh my god, she must of been in so much pain. Kyle couldn't careless, as he threw back onto the ground. I then blinked for just a second, Kyle had pushed her off the curve, she lay there coughing in pain. 

Now that Alice was near the road sort of, it would look alot like she had fallen. If police inspected this area with no Kyle around, well.. They would just think that she had been hit by a car or fell into the road. Kyle probably did not even think about this, yet he would of been proud if he had realized that he has saved his self from justice. Still determined to stand up, I pushed myself up, even if it felt like needles were inside of me. I still cared too much about Alice! She was more like a sister to me! She was my missing sister, she was more than a friend! As I could stand in pain, I used the rest of my energy to shove Kyle into the road. Hatred would of ruined my mind, I threw myself into him, slamming him into the gravel along the road. His nose was now bleeding, yet he seemed to not be able to move.

I had already noticed that Kyle was down, Alice was down too. The only one who could possibly save us was me, I had to use the energy I no longer had to lift us both safely onto the pavement. Yet it was too difficult, watching Kyle fall was the revenge I wanted. Bloodthirsty for revenge on this sick person who thinks he can bully us! I wanted him dead.. Realizing that, I felt like a monster. I felt that I was becoming a fallen hero. Alice was laying with her nose pressed against the curve. Her scarf was ripped too, the wind brought atmosphere to this moment. I even felt a tear roll down my left cheek. 

Kyle started to move, I could see that he was not knocked unconscious. Who knows, maybe the fall would make him forget why his here. Like I said before, only luck could save us. Yet Kyle's movement was slow, he awoke not long before realizing his laying in blood. The horror on his face made me realize what a terrible person I am. If I was supposed to be saving Alice, why do I feel like a bad person? The question was stuck in my head, I even felt it pushing my strategy out of my mind. The phone, Alice probably still has it, I'm sure it's still in her pocket. Kyle whelped a little, he managed to stand up. His movement along with motion was side to side. He was finding if difficult to balance, let alone walk. 

Just as I thought that we were safe. A taxi driver was speeding, I noticed that the driver maybe drunk. It would make sense, this time of night well it's sure to be a driver who felt pressure. Drinking to gain his life back, not realizing how selfish your being though. I shouted to Kyle, "Kyle! Get over here!", the shouting of my voice was loud enough for him to hear for sure. Kyle turned to face me, he looked at me with a smile on his face. I found it strange why he would be smiling, until he realized the driver was drunk. He stumbled near us, yet his legs were still in the road. Kyle! I can't go to jail for this. It was my fear.

"Let go of me! I don't need you to hold me! You left me to be held by strangers! Strangers!", Kyle shouted. The look in his eyes was a glimpse of fear. His mind must be insane, yet deep down below the core of hatred, was a loving man. I grabbed Kyle by his hand, pulling him towards me with the last of strength. He still had more strength than me though, as he kicked me back into the curve. "Leave me alone! I am not going to be your final son! You left me alone! Alone!", Kyle shouted again, instead of helping him, I decided to place my hand in his pockets. There I found it, drugs. Nothing but drugs. 

"You think you can leave me! You think you can let me reborn as someone I'm not!", Kyle's voice got lower each time he spoke. Again instead of helping him, I tried to understand why he had drugs. In his right pocket was some kind of screwed up note. I grabbed it from him, yet he seemed to want to hold onto it. "You think that you can steal from me! You stole one thing! You stole mum! You stole my whole fucking family!", Kyle's final war cry touched me. I felt ashamed, he must be high. It was too late, even if I saved him before. I would never of known the truth! 

As I pushed myself away from him, I let go of his hand. As his hand slowly fell to the ground. Just at that moment it was like flash before my eyes. That whole conversation I had to listen to, it felt like slow motion keeping us together.It felt like someone was giving me time to find out the truth. Just for a moment I got to see his soft side, it rather nice to see him like that. Until the taxi driver went straight into him, the driver then skidded into an oak tree. Who knows if the driver is okay.. The only man I wanted for the time being, was odd.. It was Kyle.. Kyle the brother I once knew..

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