Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


5. The Direction I Wished For!

Looking down at the sight of this figure, Was hardly nerve racking. I found it relaxing, Soothing even, My eyes stared gladly. "That would be our teacher, I imagine" Sarah whispered, With a sparkly smile. Don't see that every-day, I thought to my-self. The vision I was experiencing sure was delicious. "Yummy, He looks perfect" Angelica replied, I just smiled a little while nodding. The walls around us, It felt like they were moving into us. Pushing us further and further away from each-other.

I reached out with my left hand, Slowly extending it to the empty air. "Noooooo" Angelica whispered, While she slapped my hand into the wall. "His mine", She whispered. Finding it difficult to agree to that, I was kind of surprised Sarah had nothing to say about that. I remember her getting into arguments with girls who had hit on her boys. Sad but true, Yet let's remember the future not the past, Mum once said that to me. Im sure she wouldn't agree with it, If she was still here. Most likely she would say, "Remember the past, Not the future". Memories to be treasured in our hearts.

As I moved my hand back into position. The teacher had finally spoken, Sarah was shocked a little. Not sure why.. Most teachers speak. Hardly met one who hasn't spoken. His voice was like gold, He sounded heroic in some ways. "Right, Class let's go inside, When you go inside please sit on the chairs". He asked with politeness, I truly respected him already. Even though I have only really just got to know him a little, Sarah had a strange expression on her face. It was too late to talk to her since we had to go inside, Back to class I guess. The line was getting narrower along with smaller, I could actually see the wonderful teacher alot better. What a perfect view, I had thought to myself. 

Finally, The line became just me standing where the front was. So many questions to ask him, Instead I just respected him with no fuss what so ever. Walking into the room with a smile, While walking to my seat, Sarah still had an expression on her face. While Angelica was just staring down the centre of the room, Where the teacher will stand. "Attention class, We have a new pupil that is also joining us today". As soon as I heard him say that, My thoughts were elsewhere. Who could this be? Another girl, Please don't be a trouble-maker. It only takes one to infect the others.

As all of the class was now staring at the open door, Including me of cause. The teacher revealed the new class pupil. One glimpse is all it takes for me to pick out the personality. Yet with this one, I weren't too sure, So I sighed. As soon as I had seen it was a boy, Angelica just looked away, Sarah wasn't even looking.. He looked like an average kid I guess. Then again, What is average? That question may of been something I needed to ask. A few steps in the boy had taken, Watching him take his seat. Walked in like any other boy really, Yet I felt a sign of goodness in this boy. Funny enough his seat was next to me. "Excuse me? This seat taken?" He asked, I just nodded to the side while looking down at my desk.

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