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21. Tensions Rising & Visiting Over

“Pulling through is like breaking your ways to life, slowly making the correct turns”, I whispered. Alice was still just lying down flat on the bed, her legs looked swollen. Just as I was about to ask the nurse when Alice would be allowed to leave. “Selena... What do you mean?” Alice whispered while coughing a little. “Nothing, it’s just my way of cheering you up”, I whispered while pushing her back gently. Slowly pushing her head back to the pillow. “Just rest babe, I’ll see you tomorrow”, I whispered.

 Reassuring Alice that I would visit her tomorrow, the nurse walked in along with thanking me. How nice of her, she certainly was respectful. I decided to go down stairs to check on Kyle. Surely he is going to be okay. Finally I had arrived at Kyle’s hospital room; I just hope he is getting better. While walking into the room, I could see that the nurse was aiding him. “Is he okay?” I asked while secretly praying, “Well he did have a nasty accident” The nurse said. You’re sure he is okay? I don’t think I can watch my own flesh and blood suffer. The nurse asked me to sit beside him, I nodded.

Kyle, I know you can’t hear me, well I presume so. Yet you were always a big brother to me, no matter what has happened lately. “I will give you two sometime alone, just call me if you need me”, the nurse whispered with a smile. It was nice of her to understand our family privacy. I held Kyle’s hand tightly, trying to have some hope that he would pull through. I spoke in Kyle’s left ear, as I gently rested again his hips. “I can’t forgive you though brother, not after what did”. His warm body made me tingle; I felt like a reunited family, no longer lost or without any hope. I felt like a family again.

Leaving Kyle to sleep; I had decided to tell the nurse to come back. Before I could leave the room, Kyle had woken up a little, “Sele... Selena... Don’t go... Please” Kyle whispered. His voice was a little fragile; I could barely hear what he had to say. “You can’t... Forgive me... I understand that...” Kyle whispered. Again his voice’s volume was too low; I could only hear the “forgive me” line. Since I presumed he had whispered that to me, I walked back over to him.

Kyle, you need to understand this, I don’t forgive you for many reasons. Kyle was still determined to make amends with me; it was like he felt these were his precious last words. I felt the same way, I felt that the only way I could move on with our father, is to do the right thing. “You don’t forgive me... We had nothing special right?” Kyle whispered. Instead of falling for his words, I decided to have a conversation with him. Since he sounded like he was in a lot of pain, he sounded lost to me.

No... I believe we had something special, brother and sister reunited. After all these years we were split, do you not see why we need to separate? Kyle tried to understand me; my guess was that the pain he was suffering was too much for him. “I can’t think very well Selena... Without you I’d become a hopeless wreck”, Kyle whispered. Well without me you need to become something else.

“No... I can’t separate now that I have found you, leaving you again would kill me”, Kyle insisted. I tried to make sense to you Kyle; I guess I am not so cut out for talking to a big brother. Do you not understand that due to us never growing up together, you don’t feel like a brother to me? Yeah we can name each other brother and sister. Yet deep down we know who we truly are.

“No! We are something more than family! I would know... It was my decision!” Kyle shouted. His voice was loud enough to hear from outside. I held his hand tighter as a tear rolled down my cheek. Your decision huh? What is that supposed to mean? I cried a little while speaking to Kyle. “I left you... Father or Mother had nothing to do with it; I left for the safety of you”. Kyle whispered while coughing more. I could not believe that he had left me, a choice to leave your sister behind? At that moment I wanted answers. The only answers I insisted on having, was the reason for what he was protecting me from?

“Protection, something I used to say a lot. Back with the gang, it was more of a style for a word” Kyle said. Yeah, I’m curious on what you were protecting me from! “Funny enough it’s the word I heard when I was with Alice, what a wonderful girl she was” Kyle said. Kyle! That’s enough; I don’t want to hear your relationship with Alice! She was my best friend, she still is! I don’t want you near her! I guess you could say; I am her protector, I am her true mother in a way.

“From best friend to sister, to mother? What kind of fool do you take me for?” I don’t expect you to understand, as far as I’m concerned you’re pretty much a bad big brother. “Yeah, of course... No faith in me huh? Just like Mother? You make me sick...” Kyle said with a smarty voice. Kyle I don’t want to hear your ignorant arguments. I’m not in the mood to listen to a tantrum, brother against sister? “Maybe to you I am a big bad brother? Yet Alice was more of a sister to me” Kyle said.

Alice was no sister to you! You kidnapped her, stolen her from me. What were you planning on doing with her?! What did she ever do to you? You were insane to join a gang! You know what! You weren’t protecting family! You were looking out for yourself! You made yourself a monster! You brought a ticket to death at our doorstep! You sick heartless bastard! I could not get to grips with myself; it was as if I had gone mad. Yet all I cared about was Alice’s safety.

“Have it your way, I can see that you think I’m the one who caused family problems?” Kyle whispered while coughing again. I ignored him; I had taken my strop elsewhere, while slamming the door shut. The nurse went in to check on Kyle, as far as I was concerned. He is most likely dead to me, I don’t see how I can welcome him back into our family. Life is better without him anyway, we can manage. Me, father, we are like a team, a team of amazing heroes!

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