Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


1. Starting So Early?


Today is a grand day, Well it's what my nan would call it. I guess she doesn't realize how lucky she is to have grand day's. I just hope she is also having a party, More party than a parade. I feel lonely.. Well not as much, I have a father. I guess I'm just lucky enough to have one person in my family. He loves me, Maybe too much.. Always looking after me trying to make up things for him and mum. Mum would of loved it here, Sadly.. I guess she had to go off so soon. Like a one way ticket to a place that's not on earth.. I miss you mum..

It's Monday already! Why hasn't father woken me up? Father!.. Dad!.. Where are you?! dashing down the stairs, I was like a bullet through my bed-room door. What a quick exit, Glad I did it. Life isn't so great, Sometimes our house gets invaded by youngster's. It really ruins my life, Yet we can deal with them together. We always have, Mum always kept me safe. Father tries to do the same, Not as great as mum though.. Yeah he can scare them off, Just not in the way Mum used to..

Dad?! Where are you? "Down here, I made you some breakfast Selena" Okay.. Well that was awkward.. I guess you now know my name, Well yes, I was named after my mum's sister. As she passed away from a house fire.. Father told me this when I was ten years old, Just waiting down-stairs in the dark alone.. My birthday was terrible.. I always remembered whispering slowly, Not loud enough for people to hear next door. A whisper so calm and soothing.. Happy birthday to me..

On that very birthday, I held a photo of mum in my hands. Slowly rubbing it, Just trying to make sure she's with me. My father thinks I may of been too attached  However, I've seen him crying sometimes.. Not sure if it's because of mum, My lucky guess would be that's why.. "Come on Selena! I go-to go work soon!" Coming father! You sure it's what I wanted for breakfast? "Yes.. It's something wonderful!" Okay dad! Im on my way! I always slide down the stairs, It can be fun. Maybe not so fun now, I do alot of things just to remember mum..

"Selena.. Are you sure you want to start school so soon?" Now dad.. We've spoken about this, Remember on our way to this lovely city. Father always had a way with words, I always tell him that. Makes him feel like mum is here, I know sometimes being reminded of family or friends who are no longer with us. Well can make it worse.. With me and father it makes us feel closer as a family than ever before. Father? "Yes.. Selena?" Please tell me your not against me of going to school.. "I'm not Selena, I just want you to know I will always be there for you" Okay.. I felt a few tears trying to climb out my eye lids. I held it in, No emotion.. Don't want to make him cry. He always said my eyes remind him of jewels.

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