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25. Six AM! Sleeping Like A Sloth

Hiding Carly was pretty simple; due to her habit of staying still, it would be super easy to make sure she doesn’t move. I blamed the drinks she must of had; along with several shots of alcohol. Now that Carly was hidden behind the bookcases, it would be very simple to get her to her real home in the morning. From upstairs; I heard loud snoring, so I figured that father is fast asleep. I also felt relieved due to him being a heavy sleeper.

As I had checked the time; the clock had struck “6 am”, I needed to sleep before I pass out on the floor or something. Just as I was about to place my head on the warm soft pillow I had been craving for all night. My phone starts to ring; seems there is a call processing. I slowly rubbed my eyes; trying to stay awake to answer the phone call.

Before answering the phone; I decided to take a shower; it’s been a tough night. I’d rather smell nice than be some dirty mucky woman. I slowly walked towards the bathroom; while holding the ringing phone in my left hand. As I was walking towards the bathroom; my head started throbbing. It sort of made sense due to this blasted phone call buzzing in my ears.

It had been three minutes since I had gotten up to walk to the bathroom. Still haven’t answered the call, yet pressure was on my mind more than myself. My poor brain could not take any more calculating or maths. Even just listening to a phone ring every three seconds; well it certainly is a dreadful night. Finally; I had answered the phone, I just wanted to scream at them.

Although; when the voice had spoken, I lost my decision to scream at them. It was Kane, I hope he is okay; yet I care more for Kyle than that jerk. The bad news; school would be open tomorrow, so I would have to wake up earlier to get rid of Carly before father finds her. Damn it, the one night that I need loads of sleep is ruined. Thanks to a bratty Carly; yet I did feel a little sorry for her.

“Selena; it’s me Kane; I am getting out of hospital next week, yet; I won’t be able to visit you or dad. I’m being sent to prison after my release from hospital”. Hearing his voice again made me feel for him; I really wanted him to be safe, rather than in a tricky situation. Yet the news had struck me heavily; I felt that his return would bring us back as a family. Possibly, I had a little hope left I guess...

“Kane, why are you being sent to prison? I don’t understand...” I asked, while holding back my tears. “Selena, you need to face crime one day; it’s what happens to a gang leader like me”, he replied. He had a point; after all the crimes he had gotten away with; it’s about time justice is served. Yet I kind of just wanted that to be the past. We could put this behind us; start a new life as a family.

“Well Kane; I guess I can come with you; I would like to send you off, just to show I’m your sister who supports you. Your making a great decision, you have made me feel proud once again” I replied with a kiss from my lips. “Sis, I would love you to support me; yet I want no interaction for the time being”, he replied. That was very unlike Kane; maybe he just wants to be alone for a few weeks.

“Just look after our dad; surely he will see us through, I just wish he could forgive me”, Kane replied with a sigh. “Well, by going to jail to serve a sentence; father may see you as a saint after all”, I replied with a giggle. “Yeah”, he said with a small laugh. Before I could say I miss you, he had ended the phone call; hanging up on your sister? Well maybe he needs to get sleep...


Since the call was no longer; I had decided to run the shower. The warm spraying water made me feel so relaxed; I had hung up my clothes on the towel rack; to keep them clean. The lovely running water down my back; it felt a little like a minor spa day. Only for me it felt like heaven due to Kane finally doing the right thing. Just all that tension had been lifted from me; well apart from Carly...

The shower had been running over me for like an hour; I could not decide whether I wanted to go to sleep. I felt so relaxed; so relieved at the same time. It made perfect sense to just snuggle against the wall. I was bound to pass out sooner or later; just weren’t expecting it to happen in the shower. The water had rinsed all my hair; no more dirt or stenches of disgusting substances. I was clean!

Passed out in the shower; I lay there; with lots of hot water draining around me. The rinses of cold water that had begun; it made me feel a little chilly. Yet I still could sleep, due to passing out; I just dreamt of drowning in ice cream. Until the water had got hotter again; I had dreamt of volcanoes and nightmares. What a horrible feeling; I wanted to stay asleep though.

“Wake up Selena; please get some clothes on too!” A voice had shouted. As I opened my eyes slowly; I could see father standing outside the shower with his hand over his eyes. “Oh... sorry father; I sort of forgotten to go to bed”, I replied with an awkward smile. He did not look too comical with the situation. Not even a giggle; just a strain in his neck. Maybe he had woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Yet again; he can be grumpy on mornings.

Before I could say “good morning”; he had slammed the bathroom door. Damn, I guess he may have noticed I was awake last night. What else could have put him in such a grump? Instead of questioning why he was so angry; I decided to get dressed. My bare feet could feel the cold air through the windows. Damn; father must have left the windows open last night. I dried myself from back to toes. Slowly rubbing my eyes; to stay awake, I felt so sleepy; yet disappointed.

“Selena get downstairs now!” Father shouted, his voice sounded louder than usual. Not sure what I have done to make him so angry. “Coming” I replied, shaking a little. Not sure if it was the cold or the fear; I felt the need to shake up; damn if only I had woken up sooner. In just about five minutes I had dried myself; while wrapping a towel around my bare waist.

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