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19. Sister's Reunited!

As I watched the driver crash with force. I remembered the last second I had with Kyle. Long enough to remember who I am, long enough to remember who he was. The note he had, instead of reading it, I shoved it into my pocket. Alice my sister, my one true friend. She was important, I had to protect her. I had to know that she is going to be okay. As I felt heart broken it seemed to of given my a little strength to walk towards Alice. Her face was still wedged against the curve, gravel forming around her, well she looked lifeless. Yet I could feel her breathing, her breath was near me, I could feel her soul with-in me. 

"Alice, please wake up sis, you need to wake up!", I shouted as I held her on my lap. Her body was in my arms, resting against my heart beat. She could only hear my hear most likely, yet I wanted her close to me. I wanted her safe, away from danger, away from death. She awoke while coughing a load of muck in my face. Alice, I thought I had lost you sis, I hugged her gently. Yet I felt the need to squeeze her to show how happy I am to see her alive. "Alice, Kyle was trouble, Kyle was trouble", I whispered to Alice as I rubbed her cheek. Her eyes stared at me, as I stared at her. Keeping eye contact to reassure her. 

"Yes.. Thanks sis, I can't believe you came to save me", Alice whispered as she coughed heavily. The moment she was choking, I knew she was in pain. Who knows how much time is left for her. Loads of emotions had now flooded in my mind. Alice looked at me, as she realized she was covered in blood stains. I tried to reassure her, trying to keep her calm. Yet she would not calm down, she was frightened. I was not even sure if Alice's mind was okay too. She may of got brain damage from the heavy kicks Kyle delivered. "Alice, I'm going to call an ambulance okay!", I shouted while holding her head up high. Trying to keep as much blood in her as possible. I did not want her falling asleep on me, I did not want to pass out. 

"Selen.. Selena, please understand how.. Sorry I am".. Alice whispered as her eyelids closed slowly. "Nooooo!", I shouted while quickly pulling Alice's phone out from her pocket. I was desperate to talk to her, I had to tell her the truth! I had to tell her why she is here! She can't die with-out knowing why Kyle did this.. It would be a mystery to her. Please sis! I can't lose you! Time was running out, I felt that it was too late to save her. Yet faith kept me going, I dialled the number 911 as fast as possible. As soon as the lady answered, I shouted down the phone. Which was me panicking, she sounded scared though. 

I could not of said anything apart from, the location. I even told her that it's a dangerous road. Which is not fully true, Kyle told me this, he told me this back when I was younger! Our parent's must of separated us, I knew something was up back then, I remember mother worrying about something. Yet father kept me a distance away from the house. I wanted to see mum yet she told me to stay with father. My family air loom has been nothing but lies! Just a bunch of horrific hidden secrets! After trying to calm down from such a dreadful moment, I decided it was time to visit Jake back at the hospital. Until I realized that the ambulance could show up any minute to collect my sister. It was also a trip back to the hospital, well I hope so at-least.

A loud siren sound was now fading from behind the trees. Maybe it's the ambulance! Obviously.. Why would I of even shouted something so pointless, I guess we could say I'm going insane. After just a few more seconds, the ambulance had arrived. The siren was no longer blaring down my ears, it was now silent. As I had to watch Alice be placed in the back of the ambulance. Along with me having to jump in the back with her, "I will go with her for support", it's all I said to the nurse. They let me in the back, now it was just me and Alice in a small enclosure. Then just as I thought we would be leaving, I hear background noises from outside. "We found another one! A male by the looks of it, not sure if his okay though", oh no.. Is it possible they have found my brother's body? It was a moment of silence for just a couple of seconds.

Waiting in the back with Alice, it was finally time to travel back to the hospital. Yet they had two ambulance vans, so my brother would be following behind us. The damage it would of done to him, I can only imagine that he closer to death than Alice would of been. The slow driving did make me fall asleep until the sirens turned on, even the speed of the van was now going faster and faster. We went over bumpy roads which almost caused a migraine, damn I hope we stop soon! Just as we turn one last final corner, we park near the hospital's entrance. Once the van had stopped, I heard voices from outside, it was not long until the doors were opened. The nurse's collected Alice's bed on wheels, slowly pushing her into the hospital's doors. I wanted to go with her back to the room she will be in. Instead I decided to wait for my brother to arrive.

As I waited near the drop off area near the hospital. The phone started to vibrate in my left pocket. Who could be calling so late? I checked to see the number, it was a familiar number. I remembered it was rather my mum's or Alice's mum's. Just as I decided to answer the call, my brother arrives in a ambulance van. Instead of listening to the call I dropped the phone on, I cared too much about Kyle. That phone call can wait, family always comes first. Mother taught me that! I slowly walked up to the van with a curious vision in my mind. I had reached the van, waiting patiently for the nurse's to come and collect Kyle. "Not sure if this boy is going to be one hundred percent okay?", I heard the voice. Possibly he could have brain damage.

"We will have to check him over in the operation room", a female voice said. Woah! Kyle is going to need operation? The thought of losing Kyle was becoming clearer and clearer as time went on. As I ran towards the hospitals doors, I knew that Kyle would always be behind me no matter what. Just like a brother should always do, protect family and people he loves. I approached the reception, patiently waiting for her to talk to me. "Hello, how can I help you young girl?", the woman asked with a delightful smile. "I'm looking for a girl named Alice, she is my age, sort of my size". I replied with a little smile. She listened to me mostly, until she asked me a question. "Alice who? We have several Alice's that check in here everyday", the woman replied. I then whispered to her, "Alice Song", my whisper was pretty faded from her ears. "Oh.. That Alice, yeah we just checked her in three minutes ago", I kind of never needed to know that. Until she told me what room she was in. 

I quickly walked up many stairs, trying to reach the room Alice is in. It had taken over an hour to find my way around this place. Everything was so confusing, even watching babies being held by their new mums brought tears to my eyes. The atmosphere around me was rather sadness or happiness, it made me regret leaving Kyle behind. Until I had reached Alice's door. What can I say? There was not much to look at. I gently knocked on the door awaiting for an answer. "Yes? Oh are you her sister?", the nursed asked as she brushed her hair. I replied with a gulp, "Yes.. I am her sister", she giggled a little until letting me walk in. There Alice was with lot's of hospital equipment on her face and other body parts.

The only seat that was near her, was a small blue chair. I wanted to sit beside her, keeping her confidence up along with making sure she pulls through. "Alice? It's me Selena. We are sisters reunited girl", I whispered in her ear. As I held her left hand tightly, more tears began to roll down my cheeks. It was if I had lost her.. Yet she was still here beside me trying to fight the pain she was going through. If only we could share the pain, you would not feel so down Alice. If only we could share our feelings so there is nothing to fear between us. If only we could share our lives to make sure we are a precious value together.. True words never spoken before, I wanted Alice to pull through, as I held her hand tighter while whispering to her.


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