Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


11. Lizzy The Unexpected

"You probably expected me to trip you up, damn what do you take me for?" Lizzy replied, I had just approached her, now she wants to talk to me again. "Well, yeah I sort'a expected it sooner or later Lizzy", I said with a smile. Lizzy giggled, until she suddenly went back to being a bitch. Even though it was a brief few seconds of us getting along. I will most likely treasure that moment, reminds me of pre-school days. We used to be great friends, always getting on, heck not even our mum's could break us a-part. Every-time, when we were being pulled away from each-other. We would hold both hands of each-other. Trying to pull us back together in the centre of the rug, it was cute for adults to see. Yet we always giggled with a smile.

"Selena, why do you mock me? Why do you follow me around", Lizzy's voice seemed to get deeper. I swear I was rather going crazy or my mind was hearing the demon speak. I know that may sound weird but I certainly saw her that way. The reply I had to give, well it needed to be delivered with something that won't hurt her. "Lizzy, I don't mock you", I whispered. Her eyes rolled back to me, her focus was visible. Yeah I actually imagined her vision, a little strange right? Lizzy approached me once again, her eyelashes would just brush against the winds. "Listen! Selena, meet me tonight on the corner of Doran street". Her words sounded devious, even the motion she moved her lips was sinister. "Okay, fine I'll meet you there", the choice was too little, I replied with an agreement on her request. Damn, what have I just accepted..

Finally after that small conversation, she threw a book at me. "Leave now, I'm sick of you being around me", she said with anger on her face. I cannot get over why she hates me so much. Mum used to tell me it was jealousy that would surround me. Heck, she was right, not the only time she was right though. I picked up the book, as I placed it on the shelf. Yeah, sometimes kindness is the my true reveal. It's like I acted as someone I'm not, thanks to Lizzy I had seen that. This whole day was a lesson to be learned, thank-fully I did learn something. "Lizzy, I'll be off then", I replied as my whisper must of blown through the wind. She just smiled at me, until she smacked her hand down on the table. 

That sound was enough to make me jump, I expected it though. I guess small surprises can still be terrifying. As I walked outside back into the corridor. A little shook up from the sound, then I felt a little better. No sound, it was peaceful. What else could I of wanted? Just as I was admiring the sweet sound of nothingness, I heard a voice. The distant voice was hard to hear, until I heard the door open. Oh god! It can't be the teacher now, I don't want to get a bad reputation. If it was anything I had learnt today, I learnt that there will always be consequences for actions someone does. My actions today were pretty bad, I had realized that thanks to my mum and my self. Heck, I will give Lizzy some credit, I guess.

I knew what I had to do, even if it was bad. In my heart it was the right thing to do, it felt right. As that door closed, I walked over to the distant figures. I was not surprised, it was obviously the teacher and the principal. Who else could if of been? In a way I was pretty happy to see them, I just wish they felt the same too. Sadly they felt differently, as they looked down at me with a crease in their eyes. I guess the eye lid was covered the happy eyes, perhaps. "Young lady, do you have any idea what trouble you have caused". I nodded slowly, until I had the backbone to speak back. "Yes, I was stupid to run sir", I was kind of expecting a decent thank you for apologizing. Except I got what was the coming to me, a punishment, just a detention or time out in the cooler. Well it's better than nothing I guess.

As I was now being escorted by the two adults. The thought of running once more got me hyped, yet my mind was telling me off. It felt like my mum was still with me, of course I knew she was. Just not exactly with me, yet she was always and always will be in my heart. I miss her words, even her voice I miss. The sweet atmosphere that would fill the room when ever she walked into a room with me. Awwww mum, I miss you so much. I felt a tear rising through my eye lids, I kept it in. Since we were walking back to the stairs, we were bound to walk past the room Lizzy and I was in. Maybe she will get into trouble too, I hope so. The tear would still be held in, unless I heard her voice once more.

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