Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


10. Lizzy The Bitch

"Sooooo, you seem a little stressed Selena", Lizzy spoke with despise. Her lipstick looked too princess for a bitch like her. Her movement was a little too good for her, sort of. I can certainly say, she has the walking of a dog. "Okay, drop her here boys". Lizzy said with as she wiped her lips. The strength the boys had, well it was a little too strong. I really thought she would have push over boys to do her work, possibly not. "What did she do to you Lizzy, I just want to know". One of the boys rudely interrupted her. I can't say I was shocked, I sort of expected one of them to stand up. Lizzy's reaction was unexpected too, she just nodded. "This brat, well she certainly isn't loveable is she?" Wow, Lizzy questioning him? That's pretty funny.

"Well I guess your right, what do you want us to do though?" The boy asked, it was a shock to hear it from the muscular one. Lizzy just rubbed her lips together, even I can't stand the sight of that. "Well, at the moment I just need you to hold her for me". Lizzy whispered, thinking I wouldn't hear her. Sadly I heard hardly anything, she covered my ears. Her long fingers clutching around my ear rims. "Throw her onto the ground, I'll deal with her then", Lizzy said. Thank-fully she let go of my ears, about time too, her hands were cold. "Okay Lizzy, I guess we will be off then", said both of the boys. The muscular boy just walked off, not long before throwing me on the hard ground. "Ouch!", It was pretty painful after all.

As I looked up, there she was once again, looking down at me. Her evil smirk just pretty much shown who she is. "So Selena, I can already see you had your eyes on that muscular boy". Lizzy whispered, as she stared down at me. My face was a little swollen from the fall, of course she presumed it was me blushing. "Ha ha ha, I can see it in your face Selena. Seems you loved him". Sadly I could hardly speak, the fall was pretty painful. I tried to stand up, as I did I was pushed into a room. Lizzy obviously didn't want to get in trouble. I could see that devious look in her eye, along with self-awareness of course. "Selena, do you think I would spend all this time? Just to give you a bad time". I can't say she would, yet the truth lies in what she had said in the past. 

Finally I had managed to stand up a little. "Lizzy why can't you just leave me alone?" Something that made me feel good, I actually spoke up to her. Well I wish it was the other way, her on the ground with me standing up. That way it would make me look better than her oh well. "Selena, what did you like about the boy then?" Lizzy asked as she nudge me with her elbow. "Ouch", it was a pretty hard nudge, I just sighed. Lizzy looked at me funny, she even winked at me as she spoke. "I liked that he was muscular I guess", well I did kind of like the boy. Maybe not as much as Lizzy, I know she would never admit it. Lizzy just laughed in my face, she then got a little closer to my face.

Since I was still hardly standing, it was difficult to talk to her. As Lizzy walked over to me, she leaned against the open door. As I tried to limp towards the open door, Lizzy stepped on my hand. "Ouch, why you do that you bitch", oops I may of just said something I'll regret. "What the heck did you just call me? I thought we could have a little chat, you know. No arguing or calling each other names". Oh jeez, look what I have done, she is now going to keep talking. I felt a little stupid for calling her a bad name, yet inside I felt good about myself. "And what do you Selena? You just call me a name, making a regret your wish you had never done". I did not like the sound of that, "Lizzy, I'm sorry", heck I had to say something to calm her down. 

Lizzy looked down at me yet again, she had a smile on her face for a brief three seconds. "Fine by me, why don't you just leave the room them". Lizzy whispered, her whisper went through my ears smoothly. I just nodded, trying to avoid from getting into more trouble with her. As I had managed to stand up better, I walked past her with my eyes focusing on the floor. Sometimes she can trip me over using her heels, so it only made sense to do that. I guess I was lucky today, no trying to trip me over? That's a first. So an apology makes her feel sorry for me? Damn, I wish had thought of that sooner. "Wait, don't you go just yet". I knew there would be a catch, Lizzy asked me to go back a few steps. "What do you want now Lizzy?" I rudely said with a little anger on my face. Thank-fully she never saw my face, since I was looking down.

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