Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


13. Learning More About Lizzy

"Time to write down your apology on a piece of paper", said principal Lenny. His eyes focused on his newspaper, so I have to enslave myself to writing an apology. I guess it's fair, yet why should I apologize, if Lizzy has not already. My arms were instantly folded from saying that, I guess what I think happens. That makes no sense, I seriously need to think that one through again. "So, er hm, Selena? Your friend Lizzy is still running through the corridors huh?", Woah! Who said that? Thank-fully it was the principal, I just replied with another nod. "Well, good thing is we found her, she was wrong to run", I could not agree more. How right could the principal be, I started to love his words.

"We have found Lizzy, she will be walking up to the office soon", a voice said, as I turned around. It was the walkie talkie, I guess they caught Lizzy, well I don't feel so bad now. Since I was still sitting on a chair, which was pretty comfortable  I had to write an apology, due to times wasting, I felt the need to write fast. In just thirty minutes, the paper was full of words. Not too sure what I had wrote down, heck I hope he likes it. "Well Selena, your certainly slow at writing aren't you", said the principal. Pretty cheeky of him, until I looked around the room to see why he would of said that. Oh.. I see, the young boy finished first. Damn, I wish he would lay off me already. I was already starting to grow sick of his annoying voice.

His coughing was even more distracting than the actual work to do. It was like every thirty seconds he would sniffle along with coughing. Damn it was so off putting, I wondered when he would stop. Another hour has gone by, I had finally finished that stupid paper. "Well done Selena, now off you go and enjoy your lunch break", I said thank you while I stood up from my chair. Well I guess he was nice at times, it doesn't change the fact I dislike this man. Outside the office, well I'm just glad I am out of that place. It was boring, even made me sleep a few times. As it was my lunch break, well I guess it's recess. I went outside to go get some fresh air, yeah sometimes you need cool air. It can really help with anger issues, mostly that is. 

Well I guess it's pretty cold today, before I could even take a bite of my candy bar. The cold winds actually effected my teeth, chattering quietly yet it felt sudden. A small tingle in between my choppers. I guess the sudden cold winds just made me feel frozen on the inside. Not a bad feeling to be felt until you really have had enough. I guess it's a start from what there is from today's weather. Before checking to see what they have in the cafeteria, I felt the need to check the time. So I had to make a small walk across the field of boys. Okay okay, it's more of a sports arena.. I guess.

The silver lining around the steel fences just made me wonder about dark times. The loud voices in the distance, seriously insane. Sports can be a dangerous sport when it comes down to it. Over-all it's a pain to survive walking through the turf. Especially if your a girl, boys will kick the heavy soccer balls at you. Oh my god, I remember when my friend Alice had contact with a soccer ball. It was enough to knock her into a wall. I remember her face looking at me, she was so sad. I felt sorry for her, as I fetched her a nurse as soon as I could. Sadly, when I had returned she was gone from the area. 

Two weeks later, I found her outside. She had tons of bruises around her forehead. Her legs were pretty done in, most of the pain she could feel, I sort of felt some of it. Linked pain, friends forever, it was our tribute saying. We came up with it when we arrived at the school, it was our friendship ring. Just like anything else I had, it was always taken away from me. Once I had found Alice back then, she was surrounded by a group of boys, some of them were on bikes. The bikes were taller than Alice, she must of felt so intimidated. I remember when she was standing against the wall, the bikes were parked next to her. Just resting against a wall, Alice's face expression shown she was pain. 

There was nothing I could of done to save her from them. I was just as scared as she were. The tall lads stepped back, I wondered what they were doing. Until a taller boy came stood up, slowly approaching Alice, his hood was over his head. He had his left hand in his pocket. The right hand must of been used to punch her or worse. Alice looked at that boy, only she would of seen the boy's face. I had no idea who it was, back then things were different. It happened so quickly, one moment the lad was looking at her. The next, well Alice was dragged away. Not sure what they wanted with her, not even sure why she didn't fight back. Then again, she was never really great at standing up to people. 

I then tried to phone her, obviously I was stupid back then. Phoning her is just going to get her into more danger, back then I had no idea what it would cause. Yet now, I have learnt from my previous mistakes. I was delighted and shocked to receive an answer on the phone. I thought she would never pick-up, the voice that was on the other end did not sound like Alice. If only I had done something to save her back at the wall. She could of been safe, her mother would of been happier. The voice was certainly deep, it sounded like a teenage boy. He spoke to me with ease, maybe he is nice. Yet anyone stealing something is never really a nice person. Unless they have a true reason for why they did it. 

"Listen, I don't know who you are, yet I know that you maybe her mum". The voice said, his voice was certainly intimidating at the time. Even the background sounds behind him were loud causing pain to my eardrums. Loud bass music, the sounds were like waves into my ear drums. More pain, less gain, sadly it was true. I nodded a little, before replying back to the lad. "Ye..Yess, my name is Sele..Selena, what do you want w..with my fri..iend?" He laughed a little, I could not help but cry. I really wanted Alice to be safe, I missed her the moment she was taken away from me. Heck she was like a sister to me, so warm loving. Her heart was as pure as mine, maybe not as pure. Yet she did have a way of loving something and someone.

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