Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


8. Jake's True Colour's

"That teacher, Well for one! He never really introduced himself did he?", Jake whispered. As I rolled my eyes, Sarcasm wasn't my strongest skill. "So what, Gives him a sense of mystery", I replied with a low voice. He just chuckled, As he opened his mouth to speak more words. "Mystery?.. Heh heh, Really? tell me your joking". Jake said with a chuckle. Not really sure why he found it so funny, I guess he was a trouble maker. "What do you take me for? A fool?", I replied once again with anger. His body language was certainly starting to irritate me. "With that teacher, Why bother?". Jake whispered, Some reason his hand was blocking the noise. Nodding a little, I guess he was kind of correct. 

Questioning what had just said to me, I guess he is a little smart. Speaking of questions, I had a few good questions to ask him. Sadly I could not ask them, Principal Tucker was already on his way down the hall. As soon as I mentioned to Jake the principal is almost here, He made a dash for the doors. The shock on my face, What is he playing at?, The only thing that he may of forgotten in the hall, Well he left his backpack on the floor. The small blue sports backpack just sitting beside me. Principal Tucker was now at the destination, Unfortunately it had to be the spot I was standing in. With alot of tension in this situation, I started to regret standing here.

I felt strange too, Some reason the feeling of making a break for it, Well it was rushing through my blood. Even a small smirk was left on my face, After seeing that Principal Tucker and the unnamed teacher were just round the corner. I decided to run too, As I dashed towards the door with force, I even felt the need to kick it out the way. Some reason I was becoming a rebel, With-out even realizing it. My reputation was now at stake, Unless they forget I was here. Maybe just Jake will get in trouble, Yeah it could happen. Not really expecting it, Still.. It's most certainly a possibility. 

Standing on the second floor, As my heart is now racing in a marathon. The heart beats were speeding up ever so slightly. Too much running, Since it was my first time running from a teacher, I guess it's only natural for me to feel light headed. As I was now standing on this floor, I heard two voices from below. One of them sounded familiar, That voice? Jake!, I was too sure it was Jake. What a surprise it was, Peeking my head over the barrier. There he was, Just standing there with some unknown person. Sadly, It was not the only voices I heard. "Looks like they have made a runner". That voice sounded like a teacher, Or an adult. Not knowing that it was a walkie talkie that made it. 

Slowly feeling down, As I felt nervous. So many emotions flooding in at once, How can I deal with this situation?, I just sighed while looking down at the floor. Due to the door opening from up-stairs, I had the feeling that the teachers had found where we made our run. Even the footsteps were nerve racking, My mind just couldn't be too clear. No sense? Why am I so confused?, So now it's questions in my mind. Not just stupid emotions?, I sighed once again. Those footsteps were rather getting louder or my ears were becoming super. Well it sounds stupid for both cases. So I decided to walk a few more steps. Why did I have to get a head-ache? Why now! Not when I am in serious trouble..

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