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26. Hospital Visiting Hours

*** 2 Hours Later ***

I had dried myself completely; no longer feeling a cold draught. Father is now driving me to the hospital; to do some visiting, mainly to support the people I trust. The breakfast father prepared earlier was delicious. The warm pancakes, with some lemon smeared over the sides; I always thought the top would work better. Yet Father proved me wrong; he taught me that pancakes are full of surprises, well Father’s ones can be that is.

“So Selena, what do you fancy for lunch today?” Father asked while focussing on the road.

“Anything, I couldn’t really care for what we have for Lunch. I’m just happy we’re going to support people at the hospital” I smiled; looking at Father, always delivering such happiness; even if he doesn’t look back at me when his driving.

*** 1 Hour Later ***

We had arrived; finally I could feel a warmer breeze for once; the weather for today was lovely. More satisfying than the past weeks; some of the sun rays were scorching on my back. I could feel such a warm sensation outside, thanks nature. Father smiled, as he put on his sunglasses; focussing on what’s now important. The hospital support we were about to finally do together.

“Do you think Kyle can understand why we’re here?” Father asked with a giggle.

“Yeah, I’m sure he’ll love to see us after the recent support he had” I let out a small giggle too; it was a little cheeky calling Kyle a little dumb. Yet sometimes he would most likely laugh with us.

“Wait, Father... I just remembered something...” I mumbled; holding onto his left arm.

“W-what is it Selena? I don’t understand why you’re freaking out now. You were fine in the car...” Father replied; as he was worrying for me.

“N-no, I mean Kane... I sort of; well I can’t let this get between us as a family father” I mumbled; holding onto father’s left arm a little tighter.

“Wait? What about Kane, surely he has moved on by now Selena” Father said with a shock on his face.

“No... You don’t understand, I got phone call from him, his... sort of; well turning him-self in...” I mumbled with a few tears rolling down my nose.

“Selena; I don’t understand... why would you be okay with this? Wait, where is he Selena? You must know; I mean you spoke to him, so that must mean...” Father began to figure out what I knew.

“Yes Father, I do know where he is; his at hospital... this hospital... he doesn’t want to see us, he told me himself” I spilled the information to Father; letting him know Kane doesn’t want to see him or me.

“Selena; Kane, he wouldn’t... he couldn’t, he has always needed someone. His own sister was never there for him; you were only there when he never needed you. This time he does; you can’t just walk away from him Selena”, Father Spoke to me; trying to keep me calm.

I let get go of Father’s arm; since he was now determined to meet Kane at hospital. I ran after him; trying to keep him calm. Yet Father had a little hope in Kane after-all... I never thought Father would accept this behaviour from Kane. After what he had done, how can he trust him? Even I began to doubt my own flesh and blood; my brother... sure, he was a nice brother in the end; yet I don’t trust him even now...

“Nurse, nurse; what room is Kane erena in? What room Nurse!” Father shouted; he looked very shook up from the shocking news I may have delivered...

The Nurse was a little too soft; she must have felt my Father’s pain. In just under five minutes; she had given Father Kane’s room. I just hope that he won’t be too angry with the fact Father found out... I hope, for the family’s sake; we don’t need another fall out. We need to build up what he have left, make it work; create the connection we have been needing since...

“Excuse me Sir, why are you bursting into my patient’s room like that?” A nurse spoke with a slightly strict voice.

“B-because, Son! Selena was telling the truth; Nurse, please let me in” Father begged after he had seen Kane lying in a hospital bed.

“Dad, go away; I can’t... no, Sis why would you tell him where I am? I wanted you away from me...” Kane lost his temper.

“I need to calm this patient down now... this boy has been suffering a lot lately; sorry... visiting hours are over. Please just go” the Nurse begged us to leave; father was still trying to push past her.

“No, I can’t leave Nurse; that is my only son! My son that I thought I lost to a bunch of crime!” Father screamed; letting out everything he had been bottling up since the beginning.

Sadly for Father, the security had showed up; holding back Father from the door. I had to apologize to Kane; he would never trust me or Father again if I never said anything. I snuck past the Nurse as she had walked with the security for a few minutes. I managed to see Kane; whispering into his ear.

“Kane, I never told Father, he...” I mumbled.

“He what Selena, did he just happen to find me? Was it a coincidence? I want to know the truth Selena, everything please...” Kane begged; as he held my left hand firmly.

“Kane, I could ask you the same thing; it’s not Father’s fault for caring about you, he is after-your entire dad. Why can’t you just accept us as a family?” I begged Kane; holding onto his right hand.

“Selena, our Father is not a man of his word; how do you think he dealt with me when you were young? Please just answer me that” Kane replied.

“I don’t know Kane, you did drugs, you tried to rape one of my friends... how do you think he would have dealt with that? You’re going to prison Kane; for all of the crimes you have commit... you are so lucky to be accepted by Father after everything you had done” I whispered; lowering my voice.

“That was the gang life; we are no longer a family. I told them that, we can’t be a gang any-more; your friend is fine. She was just captured okay; more of one of us. She enjoyed every moment with us; why don’t you ask her huh? Why don’t you ask your friend” Kane relied aggressively.

“No... Kane, we are best friends; more like sisters. We had a better connection than me and you; sorry but it’s true, she wouldn’t fall for you; since when would she ever become a gang member? I know her so well; deep down she was afraid of you” I whispered; trying not to freak out.

Kane sat up from his lying position, as his facial expression had started to show his true colours. His temper seemed to rise a little too far; as he had now gone a little out of control. I let go of his hands; trying to escape the room.

“Okay Kane, I can see... look at yourself; you’re now showing who you really are. Is this the Kane I love or the Kane your gang members loved? Ask yourself that!” I screamed; facing Kane’s anger.

“Selena, don’t even think about leaving; we need to finish our conversation, you know; just calm us down, I know what you’re thinking. Big old Kane is going to hurt you; well his, no that was the Kane from the past. You need to accept you’re new big brother Selena, the one standing in-front of you!” Kane spoke with a calm tone; as his voice’s tone changed to a more violent tone after his smaller speech to me.

“Sorry, sorry brother; good-bye, I’ll see you when you get out of prison okay... just not now, not when you’re acting like this... I am your sister Kane; not someone you can push around...” I replied with more tears beginning to roll down my face.

“No, I am sorry Selena; even if I am in pain... this will be worth it; you need to face the bad Kane. Not the old Kane; come on Sis- lay me a punch. Just hit me, okay... hit me!” Kane begged with anger.

“You’re right, sorry... Kane you deserve this; take this as a favour from our family!” I screamed; forcing a hard smack around his face.

I never wanted to hurt him; he needed to snap out of what ever had been making him feel like this. Off-course, I knew it had something to do with his drug obsession. After-all he had done; I had learnt that he had become a drug addict. All from his own gang; they were never helping him... they most likely used him, yet he got power over them after-all...

Kane felt the power and force of my slap; it was enough to knock him into the hospital bed. Now that Kane was lying back on the bed; I decided now would be an opportunity to escape. I can’t stay with my brother; when he is such a state that even I find devastating. His mother would have never accepted him... Father is wrong to even give him a second chance; I need to tell him...

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