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23. Dragging A Drunken Teenager Home!

The sick was revolting, all over my best shoes. Most of the sick flowed down towards passenger’s feet. Yuck, I can’t imagine anyone being too happy about this epidemic. I had spoken too soon, seems like one passenger was again... Drunk! Well this is going to be one hell of a night. “Hey! Who the heck do you think you are...?” A stranger said, as he swung for the girl. I tried to protect her, which was hardly going to be a challenge. I'm sober, take that!

The girl’s name was still unclear to me, so a time like this was the most sufficient I guess. What is your name anyway? She looked at me as if I were crazy, until she realized I was standing in front of her. “My name is... Carly”, she coughed then kicked me into the drunken stranger. I'm sorry; my... friend here is pretty drunk! So could you just back off me for a second? “Do I like look like a back to you?” he mumbled, once again swung for me. God, I said sorry in the politest way I possibly could of.

At 2am I doubt anyone else would even apologize. The drunken stranger swung with actually hitting someone. His punches were like waves, only much slower, easy to dodge. His final swing at me, managed to knock me over. I thought he was an easy opponent to be honest. Even though, I did not really want to be beaten up right now. “That’s for calling me a god!” he shouted, then as I was now on the floor. It was as if he had fainted too, he fallen straight on top of me. Yuck! Get this bloke off me! I shouted; yet the drunken girl I just saved was too busy trying to sleep.

The bus had just turned the corner, as it turned. The drunken stranger rolled off me, sliding down towards the driver’s position. I hope that he is going to be okay, yet I couldn't really care less. The stupid drunken stranger was trying to claim dominance pathetic. I doubt he is going to return, at least I hoped so. As the bus had made a smooth turn, the vomit flowed towards the unconscious drunken man. Well he deserved that, heck I was hoping he would roll out the door or something.

Then again, that is a little dark of me. The bus driver allowed me to get off at this stop. Yet I asked him for a few more minutes. “Hurry though, I don’t have all night *hiccup*”, I have a bad feeling that this bus driver had been drinking. Instead of just getting off the bus, I decided to go back for the drunken Carly. Her legs were covered in vomit, which made me want to turn back. Yet I knew that something bad could happen if I leave her on this bus. The lucky news was that all passengers got off here. I just hoped that the bus driver would consider parking here for a bit then getting sober.

“I am not going with you, I can’t trust a complete stranger *hiccup*”, Carly muttered. I pushed her out of her chair, not too firmly though. She landed in the vomit, great! Just great! I wanted her to be safe, so now I have to smell vomit on my way home. Yeah, this night sure has been crap. I held my nose while pulling Carly up on her feet. It was a little dangerous from the slippery vomit. Yet we managed to get off the bus, which did involve me almost losing my temper. However, we need to think of the bright things, well its night time! What the heck can I expect to be so bright?!

“Carrying me? You’re actually going to carry me... *hiccup*”, I felt like leaving her on the pavement for the dogs to eat. Yet she was not far away from her boyfriends, at least I hoped so. If I can’t find her home for tonight, I will have to let her sleep around mine. I just hope father won’t mind, which a lot of hope is for someone like me. “You remind me of Romeo... Juliet?” She muttered under her cheap alcohol breath. The stench of vomit started to burn my eyes a little, jeez! Why can’t you just walk! Then I decided that she is going to need a shower before going back where ever the heck she lives. Her expression was just sleepiness, bags under her eyes. I think I'm going to be sick!

After a long walk down the road, wait? Did I say walk?! I meant a freaking drag along the pavement kind of walk. Yeah I had to drag her across the pavement, it made me look suspicious. Many officers watched me most of the time as I was dragging her to my house. They must have thought I was trying to dispose a dead corpse or something. Even though I weren't! I was just dragging, then carrying and even more dragging! I had decided to knock on the door, since I had forgotten my house keys.

“Why are we heading to heaven? *hiccup*”, she muttered. I felt the need to face palm, yet she weren't too bad. After waiting several minutes, I was already sick of waiting for the door to be answered! Until I got a message on my phone, just one hour later! “Sorry Selena, I had to stop with Jake for medical reasons. His accident is a bit more severe”. Oh great! Father is in hospital still! Well this sucks... Big time! Instead of just waiting in the freezing cold, along with letting drunken Juliet freeze like a bottle of beer. I had decided to drag her around in the back yard.

Luckily father had left the back yard gate open, my only problem was... Well big problem! I could not just drag her through, there were no ways in. Apart from a tall wall, if that was the only way in, I needed to think of a plan. Dragging her through the wall was my first idea, until I realized it’s impossible. The lack of sleep is serious affecting my brain. Well the only ways to get her over is to carry her, and then manage to catch her or something. She was now shivering from the cold weather. Well she weren’t the only one; I am freezing to death too!

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