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22. Bus Stop, then it's back home!

After finally reaching the bottom floor, I decided to head back home. It was getting late; I also felt the need to call my father. I need to know if Jake is okay too; sure it’s been a few hours, I can’t take that risk. Slowly walking towards the automatic doors, I head outside, it was pretty dark already. The cold winds felt like ice, shivering from a cold night. What a waste of time; I thought.

Outside felt a lot like inside, only colder, more chills up my spine than before. It was as if the outside was a barrier for the inside. I could not really understand that; it was just once again a thought I had. My view to the exit was unclear, not much clouds in sight. It was as if my vision was only seeing what is forsaken in many books. The loud noises of the cars driving away, some of them frightened me. I tried to keep it together. I just hoped that I would be able to reach the bus stop in time.

Seems like the bus stop is broken down? Well it certainly looks like it, the glass has been shattered. The forms of the glass are representing shards of ice, or maybe it’s my imagination. I slowly walked towards the bus stop’s time schedule. I could see that I weren’t too late, so maybe I can catch the next one. Sadly it leads to Yorkpire road, just a place I dread to go.

I could only of wished that time it’s self stopped, allowing nobody to harm me. Just enough time to escape an epidemic. It’s how I feel sometimes, most times really. The loud noises of motor bikes bolting down the roads, it was noisy. I could hear myself think anymore, has the world gone mad? Whoa, my phone is ringing; I had to check who could be calling me at this hour. “Selena you need to get home please, Jake is with me at the moment”, Father said. Interesting, maybe he survived the wounds. Then again now that I think of it, I completely forgot about Jake existing...

Too much jumbled memories were flooding into my mind; I could not resist the tension. The echoes of people I have lost the echoes of my once dreaded mother. Why does everything have to go wrong so soon?! Of course, I am not going to get an answer am I! It was too difficult to extract all my bad memories to someone else, it was near impossible. Kyle, I abandoned you for the safety of my family. So my do I feel like a criminal? Mother would say I am spirit of a heart. Yet I never knew what that truly meant; it was just another way of tricking me I think.

Finally, the bus had arrived, it was pretty late though. I climbed up the railing to reach the stairs, slowly climbing up. The driver looked sleepy, that can’t be too good, and I just hope for the safety of everyone that this driver’s route is the last one. He needs sleep in order to drive us anywhere. “Thanks for waiting, I am sorry for being late”, the driver said. I just smiled then walked to the back of the bus so I could chill. The best thing about the back, well it’s the experience of sleeping.

Again, it was pretty late. The time was just about to hit 1am, which was pretty shocking. I don’t normally go alone at times like this. Although, was for a good course. Not realizing it at the time, there were two lads at the back too. Along with a female who looks half asleep; I just hope they are friendly for the sake of my life. “Why you sitting at the back? This is where we sit”, I tried to ignore the lad, yet he was not taking no for an answer. I can only imagine that he is part of Kyle’s gang.

I am here for a reason, I need comfort. It’s 1am, so I can’t sleep at the front can I! Good on me, I actually shouted at a bunch of idiots. “Well... You...” Just put a sock it! Wow, never disturb me when I’m trying to sleep. If only I was like that all the time, maybe I would get more respect in future. The lads just hid underneath their coats. The half asleep female just sat there; as the lads ran off. Like I said before, maybe I need to do this more in future, respect is still hard to earn these days.

After the lads had disappeared, my guess was they wanted to get off the bus. Must be the next stop for me right? Well I was hoping, luckily the stop was just around the corner. Not long to wait now, however I did want to know a little about this half asleep female. I tapped her ever so slightly on the shoulder, trying to keep her awake. The truth was I did not want her missing her stop. If she misses it, her folks could be worried sick; hey wake up! I decided to shout, since it was the only way.

“What? Err... I am sorry if I was snoring too loud”, the female said. I decided to be polite, even though the lads had angered me enough today. “What time is it?” Its 2am, you have been asleep for like an hour. I’ve just been waiting at the back with you. Even though, I never really expected you to be back here. “Well I sleep at the back, since it’s more comfy, along with quiet”. Yeah, same, I do the exact same thing for the exact same reason. “Well, I guess you could call us twins”, she giggled. Well I guess... Can we not talk about twins or family please? I’m kind of sick of it for one night.

“Well, I am not exactly stopping anywhere. I’m heading out to the Night club”, she said while falling side to side. As soon as I heard her mention Night club, I knew she was drunk. Not to be rude but, where were you this morning? “Well... I find it a little strange that you’re asking me this, however just a bar” she muttered. Yeah, well I think you have had enough partying for one night. She looked at me as if I weren’t there. “You can’t force me to not party heavy on nights like this”, she said, as her speech started to get jumbled up. Yeah, well you could end up as road kill, sorry but it’s true.

“Fine... I guess I could sleep for a few more hours perhaps...” As she had told me that she is going to listen to me. I was relieved, another innocent life saved for the sake of the world. I felt so great about myself, all in just one night. Who would have thought though? Me? A complete hero! I let out a small smirk to show my bragging, yet she puked all over the seats. “Sorry...” I tried not to freak out, yet it was all over my shoes. “I don’t think I should of drank too much”, yeah must be the spirits right? I laughed. She never got the joke, rather that or she was about to faint.

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