Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


24. Back Yard! Revolting!

What a horrible sight, her lying in my arms like a cradled baby. It made me wonder things, why the heck am I helping this person. As I came to realize what madness I was going through, I tried to imagine it was a dream. If only it was, that would have been great! Although, if it was just a dream; I’d still be in a hospital. I could have even missed the bus due to a small nap.

“Blarghh”, the sound came from her cheeks. I imagined that it came from her mouth to start with, yet all I could see was a mouth full of foam. Her eyes were just drooling to the sides, I could not think too well with this sight looking up at me. Trying to get her into the yard was a nightmare; I thought that surely it would not be too difficult at first. Until I tried to lift her, she is one heavy girl.

“Why won’t you just get up?” I shouted, while losing my temper.

The movement she responded with was inaccurate, her pupils in her eyes sided to her eyelids. After a few more minutes when by, I decided to drag her up the wall. Which sounded pretty bad, yet it got the job done. As I held onto her thick fluffy collar, I gently positioned myself to a comfortable seating. I managed to lift her with all my remaining strength. Thankfully, it was just enough to get her over the wall. Her nose started to bleed; I guess she must have bumped it on the way up. I weren’t too happy with the results. Once she was in the yard, slightly on top of me, the blood from her nose dripped onto my white dress. “Great!” I shouted.

“If you never wanted to carry me...” Carly mumbled while trying to stand. The vomit stained on her clothes, looked really disgusting. I could not look at her for too long, it made me feel noxious along with lightheaded. Since we were safer in the back yard, I had just hoped that the door is unlocked. Dragging her by her heels, I slowly pulled her through the muck. She was certainly full of revolting substances. Her face was dreaded, just a frozen face of shock. It must have been the sticky grass.

Slowly extending my arm towards the door handle, I prayed in my mind that this forsaken door will be unlocked. However, once I had pulled the handle down, the security alarm went off. The loud sounds definitely had awoken Carly. The alarm sprinted me into action; I dropped Carly on the ground almost instantly. Then dashed for the security keypad, thank-fully I remembered the code. I rapidly smashed those keys on the keypad. It may have been a nail biting situation though.

“Finally” I shouted, my voice croaked. The stench from Carly could still be smelt from a mile away; she was well too out of her head to bath herself. The consequences for this sucks, I had thought to myself. As I dashed back to aid Carly once again, her nose bleed had stopped a little. Although, the stench defiantly was filling the rooms beautiful smell. Most of her hair was knotted, seems that the vomit had dried into her hair. She was still a little sleepy; I could see bags under her eyes.

“Wake up! Come on Carly, I got you home safely”, I screamed, while stepping back. My voice was certainly loud enough for the neighbours to hear. Carly did twitch a few times, not long before standing on her feet. Her standing put a shock on my face; I asked her if she needed escorting to her room for the night. I guess I let the situation get the better of me; I was becoming a little softer. It was not long until I heard a knock on the front door. A few minutes later, the door bell rang. I placed Carly on the floor with a cushion underneath her head.

I dashed to the front door. Thank god it was Father, I had thought. His deep voice reassured me too, I always love it when father can keep me safe. It’s just a natural instinct I guess, as soon as Father entered the house. I walked back towards Carly, Father had gone upstairs. This was the perfect opportunity to hide her for the night. Even though I was fine with her being in the house, I never wanted her to be found by my father. I could be grounded for several months...

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