Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


12. Almost A Conversation

Right in front of my eyes is just a bunch of rooms. Well not rooms, yet doors that hide rooms inside. Always look at things differently, mum taught me that too, I had to use that to be friends with Lizzy. Damn, she did so much for me, yet I only just start to realize how much she was there for me. I miss her too much, maybe I should move on, I can't. "Selena? Wake up please", I open my eyes slowly as I see the teacher. Woah! Was I asleep? Surely I can't of been, "oh good your awake". The teacher said with deep voice, I replied timidly "sorry sir, I must of daydreamed". The teacher giggled a little, weren't for long but it was cute.

"Yes, well we all have dreams now and then Selena", said the teacher. He was right, I have dreams often just not about mum. Most of my dreams are to do with my future, I guess I just need to accept changes. Speaking of changes, we had just walked past the room Lizzy was in. I cough trying to signal her to come out of the room, the teacher just shrugged at me. "Do you want me to get you a tissue?", the teacher kindly asked. His voice was so kind, I could not resist from saying yes. "Yes please", he smiled at me, I just smiled back. As I looked behind me, the door opened. I accidentally gasped as it opened. "Oops", the teacher looked behind me. "Young lady, where do you think your going!", Lizzy just ran, as I coughed a little more. 

Thank-fully the teacher remembered what he had to do. Yet the principal pulled out his walkie talkie, damn it looked decent. I wish I had one for when ever Lizzy traps me in a room. "Yes, Lizzy Alvesta has is running down the corridors", the principal said with a smile. I just felt horrified for letting her escape like that, even I could of caught her. Well, I guess she is going to blame me for this like always. "Selena, did you see her?", the principal asked. "Yes principal Lenny, I saw her", I had to tell the truth. It was the only way to get on his good books. "Good, okay so I weren't just seeing things", he laughed as he rubbed his glasses. I giggled a little too, yeah I guess we both found that funny. These staff members at this school have great personalties. I wish I could thank them.

The sound of the door closing yet again, seems the teacher is back. "I got the tissue for you, Selena", he said. I felt heart warmed, even a little flattering. As he held the tissue box in-front of me, I grabbed it as quick as I could. Shoving it in front of my face to hide my blushing. "O..kay..", he seemed confused, I felt good that he did. Since we were back to walking to the stairs, we sort of picked up the pace. Before I knew it we were approaching the office. "Well, I guess this is it", I whispered with sorrow in my heart. The teacher handed me over to the Office staff team. Principal Lenny asked me to take a seat, as I watched him walk into his officer. Sadly I never saw the teacher walking away, I guess his speedy down the corridors. More reason to love him I guess.

The only question on my mind was, did they catch Lizzy? If they did, I hope she is in more trouble than me. As the Principal opened the door, I heard another voice from inside. Who the heck could that be? I wondered, hiding my smile was easy for me, the principal didn't even look down at me. "Take a seat please, just next to that young boy", I dreaded the fact that it has to be Jake. As I walk in while covering my face with a tissue box. Wow! Seems it weren't Jake. Just some younger boy who is in trouble for what ever reason. Well time to sit through a boring conversation.

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