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14. Alice Out Of Wonderland (Insane)

Alice you need to listen to me, I wish she could hear my words of wisdom. It would be like shield guarding her from the gang. At-least she is going to not starve, I am pretty sure they don't let people starve. "Listen, please could you let Alice go home, she is late for her meal", I replied with a quiet subtle voice. "Na, Na, you need to back off out of our business", the lad's aggression was pretty impressive. Not enough for me to want to go and fetch her from him. "Tell ya what, how about you say hello to her on the phone", his voice faded in the background. I was relieved she was alive, I thought they were worst than that. Before Alice reaches the phone I hear her crying a little, along with loud voices shouting.

" is that you?", her voice called out in tears. I slowly took a deep breathe before replying with a whisper. "Yes, it's me Alice, I want you to be safe not trapped", I replied. "Yes, me too Selena, I want to be safe". As I heard her say my name, I could hear her last words a little. "So your her friend huh?, well let's see what she wants form us". The voice was deeper than Alice's which is no surprise. "Hey! Let her back on the phone!", I shouted with aggression in my voice. The lad just laughed, "ha ha ha, no do you have any idea what she could be worth".

As he asked me that question, I had to take a few seconds to calm down. Even though I wanted Alice back at home where she is safe from dangers. "She is going to stay with us, you get me? Now sling your hook", I heard his sarcasm along with his cheeky voice. What a pathetic loser, no way am I going to be mocked by this jerk. As he laughed once more, the phone made strange sounds. I tried to talk back, yet the phone cut off. Damn, I guess they have her.. If only I knew where she was, maybe there is a way. The easy decision I had to make, yet it felt odd that it was a difficult situation. Mum would of told me to tell the truth along with call the police. Since they are helpful at times like these, yet I hated the questions they would ask.

Father walked past me, I just placed the phone back on the desk. Thank-fully he hasn't suspected anything, I just hope he comes to my rescue with-out me having to yell help. "Selena, please make sure that the phone is switched off", Father asked me, I nodded slightly until I said "okay dad", he reached out to give me a hug. I pushed it away for a little, until he moved in a little closer, I could not resist. "Love you father, I mean dad", he laughed a little before going out the door. 

Well now that father was safely out of the house. It would only make sense for me to prepare, yet the phone was staring down my line of sight. Even a voice in my head begun, "call the police, it's the only way", I nodded and came out the trance. Just as I was about to leave the house, Jake! What in the heck is he doing here? "Hey Selena, can you let me in please", I kind of still liked him, I guess I can forgive him for the time being. "Sure", I said with a smile. "Thanks", well at least he has manners. Not knowing why he was here, I kind of wanted trouble far away from me. If only I knew at the time.

Just as he walks in, there is a loud knock on the door. "Shit!", he shouted. "What is it Jake?" I asked with horror on my face. "Nothing, just stay the heck down away from the window", he whispered. I nodded while regretting letting him in. Just as I was about to lean down, I hear a loud voice which stuttered me a little. "Let us in you little jack ass!", the voice sounded familiar. Instead of leaning down, I felt the need to run. I bolted for the stairs, as I had reached the top. One of the lads had seen me.. Damn, they must of seen me when I ran, I can be so stupid at times. "Selena, just hide!", Jake seemed to agree with my choice. Well thanks, I guess. I heard noises from down-stairs, then all of a sudden, I heard a loud shatter sound. 

Not the window! That lad needs to get anger management. I started to worry for Jake's safety, he must of done something bad to get these involved. I leaned towards the railing of the top floor. Listening down to the conversation, "You must think your pretty big, walking in like that", Jake said. I can't believe he has the guts to speak to them like that. He must be a little brave, yet scared and fearless on the inside. "You bet! Your little games have come to an end J", I guess he had a gang nickname. J was just so dull though, yet it kind of makes up for his problems. Watching the lad's eyes, trying not to make contact with him. Looked like a showdown, the way Jake was standing opposite side to him. Maybe not far apart enough though, I know if it was my showdown, I would want the furthest apart the most. 

"J how about we just claim what is ours, then we leave it yeah?", the lad said with his eyes rolling. God, I can't stand this guys stance, even his body language annoys me. Jake looked a little scared, "Sure, why not Kyle", Jake said as I watched his eyes looked my direction. "Good boy, yet don't push it J, I'm sick of you right now. Boys loot this place", Kyle said. At least I know his name now, kind of made me wonder what else he was capable of doing. Jake's aggression must of raised, the way his hand was slowly closing into his palm. "No, I can't let you trash this place!", Jake shouted, his face expression was my hero in shiny armour well sort of. "What the fuck did you say to me? I can be nice J, yet you know I won't stand for dis-obeying little kids like you". Kyle whispered, I heard a little of his conversation. 

Jake's fist was certainly looking like a beast. I can only imagine him punching that freak! Sadly for Jake, the gang were not on his side. Always scared, like sheep following a Shepard. At-least there are more stories of sheep fighting back. Yet the pathetic members of this gang alone, well it can only be said once. I watched Jake be grabbed by the arms, it was not a great defence. Yet it looked rather quite painful. "Now Jake, what are you going to do? How about we just make sure you haven't been making a few calls on us?", Kyle said as his eyes stared right into Jake's. Watching Kyle the jerk walk up to a held back Jake, well it certainly looked dreadful in most words. "Sure why don't you take the credit card too", Jake said. 

"I'm sick of you Jake! You make us follow you around, even the boys here are not happy to be your so called mates", Kyle said. Just before Jake could throw the credit card on the floor. Kyle attempts something I never expected. "You were like a fucking brother to me! We made sure that you had everything! You had a family to care about!", Kyle anger was seriously hitting  an all time high. As he shouted with an aggressive face expression, he smashes my belongings. "Do you think I give a fuck about this place? What is this, your fancy hideout for a traitor like you!", Kyle's words were so harsh, sadly it hurt my feelings too. Jake looked out of breathe, I don't think he can take on Kyle. 

Kyle just kept on walking in a side to side motion. Patrolling a small part of my downstairs. Just before I crept back a little to the side, Kyle pulls out something from his pocket. "No! You can't do this bro!", Jake shouted. Oh god, I have got to help him, this can only escalate further. I do not want a dead person here, even if it's Kyle who ends up as road-kill. "See, I'm not insane! I know what you wanted, you wanted out of the brotherhood". Kyle said, even his weapon looked serious. "Now I am sure you remember what oath you pay to the brother's, I'm sure you know the consequences". Kyle really sounded like a leader sort of. Maybe more of an insane leader, Jake looked so frightened. The phone was downstairs, I don't see what I could do at this time. Kyle grabbed Jake by the collar, the weapon in his left hand. Jake was now looking death in the face..

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