Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


4. A New Teacher?

Finally, I am loose from her terrible grip. If she ever was a snake, I'd feel for the rats and mice. Poor little creatures facing her would never stand a chance. I kind of feel more sorry for her pet dog, Scruff. Rather than her-self, At-least I thought. "Selena?, Have you seen our new class?", What on earth could she mean by that? New class?, How is that possible. "Well we were moved to a different class, The reason you were moved is because of me". What did you do?, I spoken lightly. Apart from my face expression, I didn't really expect an outburst. "Drawn something on the board, Then signed it with your name". Angelica can scoop so low at times, However I feel this isn't the lowest she will go. 

As she finished speaking, I stepped up to her. Literally, I actually had to stand on my toes. Eyes now focused on her eyes, I was in pain. While she was in no pain what-so-ever. Lucky bitch, Yeah I called her that for a reason. She can be very lucky when it comes down to things like this.. A situation like this can't be too bad, Well you can say that. However, I have a reputation to keep. "Sorry, Selena", I was shocked by her speaking to me first. Probably wasn't threatened by my stance. "Well, Let's just get on with things yeah?", Sarah whispered. I just nodded slightly, Nodding for no reason. "Yeah sure Sarah, I don't want to hurt her", Okay she went lower than I thought. I had to let her have that one.

Since I was now bottling up words to say to Angelica. Not far from where we are currently standing. There's a figure, Yeah it was quite a distance. Along with someone's arm getting in the way every three seconds. "That's our teacher", Sarah whispered. I was confused with Sarah, How would she know if it's a teacher. How does she even know if it's our teacher? As this figure was getting closer, Angelica strangled me yet again. Ahhh! The hugs of death.. She wouldn't even know how I feel right now. "I'm scared Selena", Angelica looked a little scared, I just nodded. Trying to break free from her arm's yet again. She giggled, Okay great! I'm in pain and now I can feel her belly chuckling. Ouch!

The belly was making the pain worse. Pushing against my skinny body, I tried to yelp. "Okay she's here" Sarah whispered. As soon as Angelica turned around to face the teacher. Well her re-action was enough to drop me, What the heck? I kind of wondered why Angelica was staring oddly. She giggled, Okay? Why are you laughing. No reply.. I felt like this she was in a strange trance of some sort. Sarah had to nudge me, I guess it make me realize why. That mysterious figure was no ordinary teacher. Even I stared down the line of people, My vision had seen light. 

"Do you think that it's looking at me?", Angelica whispered. I am sure it's looking at all of us. My reply wasn't really enough to say. As Sarah nudges me once again, "Psss, Why are you calling him an it?". Okay? Sorry, I have no idea, I feel like I'm in a trance. Well it was more like a trance of love. Even though I would not admit to it, Sarah admitted to it before I could say a word. Okay, Sarah go say hello to him, "No, I don't even like him", She replied. While crossing her arms facing the wall, Yet I noticed she kept having peeks in his direction. Damn, She is smart to hide things.

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