Corruption is school (Alpha) More info soon!


7. A Conversation Outside

Looking directly at his eyes, Well it was hard not to look away. The attraction he had, Like a magnet pulling me further and further into him. I felt a spark, Along with alot of noise in the class-room. Standing outside, The teacher looking down at me, It felt like heaven. Only not the kind of heaven you would expect, It felt like something godly. Not sure if it was just love, Yet I loved him. Slowly taking a few steps forward, So I could feel him breathing on me, Well it felt good.

This conversation was already awkward, Yet it hadn't started. My mind was just getting ideas, Ideas that mattered. As soon as I step a little closer to him, At his waist. The class-room door opens, Unlike many days, Instead I felt this was a connection. No more dull and boring life style, It was time to live large. As large as I would predict I guess. Once the door had open, The teacher moved away from me, I let out a small sigh. Thank-fully he did not hear it.

After he had walked away from me, I felt like he was teasing me. Instead of just playing his game, I looked at the class-room's open door. Standing there was that new kid, Oh.. So Jake is now stalking me? I sighed once again. Not really knowing what could of happened. Since he was just standing there, I watched the teacher walk up to Jake. Funny how he gets a little closer un in his face. Why couldn't he of done that to me? I wondered deeply. "Young man, Please go back to the class-room". Instead of be just getting involved, I kept my eye on the situation. 

The teacher didn't take it too well, Jake just looked the other way. Even I had to admit, That was pretty rude to a person. Watching the teacher deal with Jake. Well it certainly reminded me of mum a little. "What class-room? I'm in the class-room", So judging from the way Jake is acting, Well I would of presumed his jealous. If not, Maybe he is just cheeky. After hearing what Jake had to say to the teacher. The teacher's emotions must of over boiled, I sighed. "Don't make this a difficult situation please sir". Funny enough, The teacher was in the appropriate manner of dealing with this.

Jake just stepped back a step into the class-room. His smirk on his face pretty much shown he was doing this for a joke. There was a part of me that wanted to get involved. I wanted to help out the teacher, Yet I can't lose a friend too. "So, Looks like you want me to get angry?". The teacher sighed a little, While I just had a small giggled. Pretty cautious of my surroundings, That giggle was not supposed to happen. Yet it did, I weren't too proud, Even the red glow on my cheeks was a sign. Pretty much, Just telling me I'm in the wrong. "Just get the principal here then", Jake said with a little anger in his face expression. Seems like he had hit rock bottom already. Some reason he kept looking at me.

Marching down the hall, The teacher may of lost his patience, Yet I lost a teacher's heart. Feeling a little guilty, I pretended that I didn't love him. Even pretending can be hungry work, Since it was no where near lunch, I guess I can wait. So now my class mates are in there alone, Along with alot of noise. Just me and Jake outside, Well he pretty much ruined this day for me. Not going to tell him that, Don't really want him to feel down. I just looked the opposite direction, Facing the window with a nice view. "So Selena?, That teacher..", Jake spoke behind my back. I never really paid attention to him.

Ignoring him was my best shot of avoiding his cheap ways of flattering me. Wasn't too difficult, Yet his way of not giving up made me feel different. Some bizarre reason I felt feelings for him, Maybe it's just my stomach. Along with his attempts, I just started to listen to what he had to say. Yet my lips spoke words, With-out even realizing it. Some reason I wanted to talk to him, Interesting. "Why did you be cheeky?", I whispered. "What?, I wasn't cheeky". Having the mind of any other human, I replied to him. "I'm not stupid, I saw you", His face expression wasn't so great. He looked down, Letting out a small sigh behind his lips. "So you enjoy causing trouble?", I asked with my eyes focusing on him a little.


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