The Blinkers

Myra considered herself like a lab rat. The scientists just tested her and tested her, trying to beat this terrifying plague until one day, she just broke. Went invisible, and that's how she started blinking, along with the rest of her "inmates". That is, until they escaped. In this post-apocalyptic adventure, follow Myra, Brody, and their friends through a fight against contagion, the government, and even each other.


2. Chapter 1 Part 2

... and got up off him.

       "Thank you, that's much better," he stood up and stretched his arms out as if he was just getting out of bed. I still glared at him, annoyed by his cocky attitude."Well, someone's feisty today."

       "I'm not feisty," I replied.

       "You seem feisty to me."

       "I'm not feisty!"  I shouted again, turning around.

       "Are you sure? You really seem to be in a bad mood."

       I turned back to him for a brief moment. "Well I'm not exactly going to be nice to someone who just tried to kill me!" Turning back around, I trudged away from him. 

       I could hear his footsteps behind me, but I decided not to care.

       He grasped my shoulder and spun me around. "Look, I'm sorry about that. If I'd known you weren't one of them, I would've left you alone, but you look just like them! Well, you shimmer anyway. I've never met anyone that glittered like that without being part of that terrible tribe."

       After hearing this, I immediately knew what he was talking about. The shimmer. I un-blinked self consciously.

       "What tribe? I keep hearing you talk about this tribe, and I have no idea what that is," I asked, raising my eyebrows.

       "I'll tell you that, really, I will. but first I must ask a favor."

       Rolling my eyes, I replied, "Well, this is progressing quickly. You just apologized for trying to kill me and now you're asking me for a favor?"

       His eyes darted back and forth. "Yes? Well, there's just, there's a lot of people after me right now, and I don't really have a place to stay. Do you have a camp nearby?"

       I laughed out loud. "You're kidding, right? You seriously want to stay with me? You seriously think I'll LET you stay with me?" 

       He arranged his features into a look of pure begging.

       "You know what? Fine. Come on," I replied, turning and walking away. I assumed he would follow.

       After a few minutes of quiet traveling, the silence was broken. 

       "I'm Brody, by the way. Brody Conlinton."

       "Myra," I said over my shoulder.


       "Winstream. Myra Winstream," I answered harshly.

       The rest of the walk back to camp was done without a word. The two of us approached the small community. Brody studied it, appearing slightly impressed. I smirked. The rest of the blinkers and I had adopted an abandoned housing development, each one of us getting our own mansion.

       I walked up the path toward my home- a six bedroom, four and a half bath beauty with a gourmet kitchen. Bringing out my keys, I opened up the door and hung them on a small hook inside the large, two story foyer. 

       "This is all yours?" Brody asked, mouth agape.

       "Yep." I walked into the family room and plopped down onto the couch. He tried to come and sit next to me, but I quickly pushed him away."Ok, if you can't tell by now, I don't like or trust you. It's going to take me awhile for either, and the only reason I agreed for you to come here is to explain. So spill."

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